Star Solaris Reiki Chakra Aura Spiritual Energy Cleansing Healing

What to Expect After a Star Solaris Healing Session

Enhanced Awareness.

Now that your chakras have been cleared of energy blockage you will notice that your perceptions have increased. It may come as a bit of a surprise to you that you are picking up on energies you were unaware of before. This is normal. The chakras are sensory centers and serve to provide information about the world on many levels.

Dynamics in your relationships will shift.

If there are relationships or circumstances in your life which are negatively impacting your path and purpose, you will become very aware of this. Also, you will notice that certain aspects of your close personal relationships will be healed since healing ourselves is the first step towards healing our relationships.

Environment clearing.

In the days and weeks following a healing session you may feel compelled to do some deep cleaning in your home space and personal environment. This is because our energy infuses our environment and personal belongings. Our outer life reflects our inner life. When you clear your chakras in a healing session, old energy is released and will manifest in your life as needing to clear away objects in your environment which contain some of that old energy. Sometimes just a deep cleaning is all that is needed, while other times there will be a strong desire to donate many items to the goodwill or to have a yard sale.

Increased aversion to negative energy.

A Star Solaris healing not only clears your chakras, it also raises your vibration to closer alignment with divine source. This creates a sense of well being and tranquility which is sensitive to the impacts of negativity. You may find that negativity makes you more uncomfortable and you do not wish to be exposed to it. This is normal. By being aware of this, you can take steps to create a more positive and supportive lifestyle so as to maintain your happy zen state of mind.

Your presence is healing and supportive to other people.

Having your chakras cleared and your energy meridians activated, your energy has become a powerful flow of high vibrational energy which other people will find themselves drawn to. Especially those who are in need of healing. This is a blessing for them as simply being in your presence will raise their vibration and offer them clarity in their life. Be aware that you can potentially pick up energy pollution from these people so be pro-active in keeping your personal energy clear by grounding regularly.

Energy Upkeep.

Some people choose to get monthly healings. However, there are many things that you can do for yourself to keep up with the health of your personal energy. I have written some info-blogs on this and encourage you to read them and do the exercises so that you can maintain the state of bliss you experience following the session. Getting into the habit of scanning and cleansing your energy will go a long way towards improving your life on every level.

My goal as a healer and teacher is to assist you in restoring your energetic and spiritual balance while empowering you with the information and insight that you need to maintain it.

There are many wonderful long lasting positive benefits that result from one healing session.

But if you really want to make the most out of it, keep up with your energy by being aware of it and get into the habit of regular tending. It doesn’t take much time and it’s fun to do!

Star Solaris Reiki Chakra Aura Spiritual Energy Cleansing Healing