Your Chose the Protective Citrine

Because you were Guided to choose the protective Citrine, your Angels & Guides are alerting you to the need for Spiritual Safety.

As a Lightworker, you have more power then the average person… which means you will want to guard your energetics.

If your Aura becomes damaged, your energy can spill out. And other energies can get it, this will affect how you are thinking and feeling about yourself & your life.

Some aura repair will help you to keep out troublesome energies & preserve your precious energy.

Speed Round Healing

Invite your Angels & Guides of the Highest frequencies of Love & Healing to please come and clear away all invasive energies within your home, office, car, and personal energetics.

Gratitude Manifesting Mantra

“I am so thankful to my Divine Team for assisting me with my Spiritual Safety. I am safe. I am protected. I am in charge of my life & my energy.”

Your Healing Video

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Love & Blessings to You,

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