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Gift a Reiki Healing Session

  Giving the Gift of Healing to a Loved One Do you have a loved one whom you would like to share the gift of healing with? If so, you …


Aura Chakra Cleansing

Feeling energetically funked? Get yourself a quick clear for an emotional/mental pick me up! 🙂 Included in the Aura Chakra Cleansing:  Energy in your energy field which doesn’t belong to …


Intensive Chakra Healing

This Chakra Balancing Healing Session is designed to Empower you in your Energetic Health.  As with every session, intention is set for you to receive the most effective healing possible …

Star Solaris Energy HealingBlog

Eclipse of the Soul

Don’t get me wrong… I appreciate the power of an eclipse. I just do so from the comfort of a cozy couch, curtains drawn, with some Palo Santo nearby. You …