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If you feel that your energy has been compromised by negative entities or dark energy, this session is designed to clear it.

I begin session by calling upon your Healing Angels & Guides and work closely with Archangel Michael in clearing away any negative energies and entities which may have attached themselves to your energy field and neutralize them to prevent them from re-attaching.

When to choose this session:

  • Feelings of extreme anxiety and panic
  • Thoughts of worthlessness & hopelessness
  • Wanting to give up on this life
  • Feelings of terror
  • Feelings of extreme anger and fear
  • Extreme negative thinking
  • Having disturbing images in your mind
  • Paranoid thoughts & emotions
  • Extreme bad luck
  • Nightmares
  • Thoughts of aggression & violence
  • Not feeling 'yourself'
  • Feeling that there is a clamp on your chest or your throat
  • Fatigue and inability to focus on your life due to constant anxiety

To schedule this session select Attachment & Entity Clearing from the menu.

Prepare for your healing session by avoiding eating meat the day of your session and making sure you are well hydrated. 

Distance clients please read my recommendations for Distance clients.

Schedule using my online calendar. 🙂


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Specializing in Energy Healing through the use of Reiki, Chakra Healing, Guided Meditations, and Clairvoyance.

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