Are Your Decisions out of Faith or Fear? This is how to Re-Align.

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How do you know if you are in Fear or Faith?

Sometimes it’s obvious. I mean, we all have those “omg decision time” moments. It’s easy to gauge where we stand in those.

But what about the subconscious parts of yourself that dictate your lifestyle habits. How many of those are in fear or faith? And how many are really just running on default from past traumas?

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What the Angels & Guides have to Say about Fear vs Faith Decisions

One of the messages they have been strongly emphasizing the importance of is to never make a fear based decision.

Logically, you know this already. When you are in fear, you aren’t thinking clearly.

When you are in a clear and balanced space, your mental acuity is sharper and you can see more clearly.

Spiritual Healing Exercise to Re-Align

Look at specific areas of your life and ask if you are on the ‘faith’ or ‘fear’ path.

Let’s take Career for example.

Imagine your career self and ask if they are on a fear or faith path. You’ll get an image of two paths, one is fear and one is faith. Which one is your career self on?

If you see yourself on a fear path, heal that part of yourself with Reiki or Golden healing light.

Help that part of yourself to move over to the faith path.

It’s VERY important that you CLEAR the fear path so that you don’t default back to it (and so that energy is no longer around).

You can do this exercise for all the main areas of your life:







Whatever you feel guided to take a look at.

Misinterpreting fear for caution? 🤔

Sometimes subconscious parts of you may be reluctant to clear your fear path believing that the fear is serving you. You can heal these parts of yourself and help them to re-align.

If they are still not receptive, you can always invite your Angels to assist you in healing those parts of yourself.

spiritual healing fear vs faith

Discerning Fear from Caution

More often than not, you will have some of your reasonable caution energy mixed up with your inhibiting fear energy.

Let’s separate out your reasonable caution from your inhibiting fear by putting ALL the fear energy in front of you and separating it into two areas.

You can do this through intention. Once you have the energies separated you will want to clear the fear energy with Reiki, Golden Healing Light, or however you feel guided to clear it.

Then, take your reasonable caution energy and ask your Angels to bless it and provide you with protection energy around your reasonable caution.

Now allow it to distribute throughout your energy in a way that serves you in your greatest and highest good.

spiritual healing fear

Walking in Faith

Sometimes it’s one thing to *know* something but to figure out how to apply it effectively in your life is something else entirely.

Exercises like this are so wonderful at bypassing the conscious mind that can keep defeating energy stuck in loops. And, involving your Angels will help strengthen your relationship with them.

Remember, your Angels want to help you heal. You just need to give them permission.

So the next time you are feeling unsure about a decision, just ask yourself if you are in fear or faith. Take a look at your paths and clear some fear.

You’ll be heading in the right direction in no time!

Much Love & Blessings to You,

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