You Chose the Aqua Crystal

Because you were drawn to the Aqua Crystal, your emotions are tied up in your voice right now.

Do you feel heard? Are you holding back speaking your truth? Is someone in your life censoring or silencing you? Or are you censoring & silencing yourself?

When you are silenced, it will stop the flow of energy in your throat chakra and that will affect your energy flow through your higher chakras.

Speaking from your heart will be transformative for you, and will clear away the energies that are becoming stagnant and stuck in the meridian between your heart and throat chakra.

Opening yourself & others up to your voice is a powerful way of reclaiming your personal power.

Speed Round Healing

Imagine you are wearing a necklace. What does it look like? Invite your Angels & Guides of the Highest Frequencies of Love & Healing to bring you a new one. Put on you necklace. By accepting this higher frequency energy into your throat chakra, it will assist you in connecting to and sharing your voice.

Gratitude Manifesting Mantra

“I give myself permission to express my voice in the highest frequency. I am grateful for my ability to communicate my frequency through the sound of my voice.”

Your Healing Video

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