Hello Hello!

I'm back and taking scheduled appointments again!

Finally, right!?

However, take note of this very important disclaimer...

Because I am a single Mommy of a one year old toddler and I do not have any child care for her at the moment, there is a potential for baby sounds during your session or the fact that I might run a few minutes behind (or have to reschedule altogether).

If you are cool with that, please do schedule with me!

My availability is VERY limited (for now I'm only taking one appointment a day 3 days a week) so get one while you can!

If you can't get an appointment soon enough, or my availability or disclaimer just doesn't work for you... you have another option!

I am now offering Recorded Astral Energy Reading & Healing Sessions.

Recorded Astral Session

The cost is $55 for 30 minutes.

To request an Astral Session:

Send me payment via PayPal or Venmo

Send me an Email (or Text) with Your Full Name and Photo if Possible

I will do your recorded session within 24-48 hours and send you the link via Text or Email.

Menu of Services ~ Scheduled Sessions

Basic Energy Reading and Reiki Healing Star Solaris
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Basic Energy Reading & Reiki Healing $55 ~ 30 Minutes


Intensive Reiki Healing with Star Solaris
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Intensive Reiki Chakra Healing $111 ~ 60 Minutes


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Master Comprehensive Energy Healing $222 ~ 120 Minutes


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Messages from Your Angels & Guides $55 ~ 30 Minutes




Star Solaris Reiki Chakra Aura Energy Spiritual Healer