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Angel Energy Attunements for Healing

angel attunement energetic tool for clearing negative energies
An ‘attunement’ is a transfer of energy.

The Golden Wand (or Staff) is a visual symbol for accessing and directing Divine Golden Healing Energy.

It is the ideal energy to work with for healing. You do not want to use WHITE light in healing as the vibration is too high and can blow out your energetics. White is also commonly hijacked by invasive energies. This Golden wand (or staff if you are a man) is a gift from your Angels & Guides to provide you with a visual means to direct Divine golden healing energy. It will elevate any energy to the highest frequency it is as readiness to carry.

Archangel Michaels Sword is a visual symbol of the frequency of Archangel Michael.

You can direct energy from this sword to clear negative energies and entities. It is also a wonderful discernment tool as you can test beings that you see in astral. If a ‘Guide’ presents to you and you touch it with the sword (or shine its light on it) the energy from the sword will reveal its true form or clear it.

If the being is truly a high frequency Angel or Guide, it will remain unaffected as it is already of high frequency. Your Angels & Guides will not be offended if you test them with the sword. They will applaud your prudence as they understand that many entities masquerade.

Simply put, the Sword clears negative energy and the Wand brings in healing energy.

These tools are invaluable for use in your healing efforts. You can shine them around your home, on objects, and of course use them in your healing videos to clear and elevate. Feel free to experiment with using them. Doing so will strengthen your ability to channel the energy.

These Gifts are From Your Angels

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