You Chose the Amethyst Crystal

Because you were drawn to the Amethyst crystal, your mind is a flutter with thoughts and ideas.

Do you have something you’ve been thinking about a lot? Have you been planning or evaluating your future steps? Or perhaps your mind feels a bit foggy or clouded; lacking ability to make decisions that are in alignment with your greatest purpose.

Remember that energy goes where attention flows, and your thoughts are your energy! So if you find yourself over-thinking or analyzing… you could easily drain yourself.

The Amethyst reminds you to bring your mental energy home so that you have all of your power to move forward with more clarity in your visioning.

Speed Round Healing

Imagine you are wearing a Crown. What does it look like? Invite your Angels & Guides of the Highest Frequencies of Love & Healing to help you clean, repair, and update your Crown. Put it back on your head.

Gratitude Manifesting Mantra

“I am so thankful to have clear vision for my highest purpose.”

Your Healing Video

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