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Anxiety is Energy Illness – How Invasive Energies Influence Your Life

anxiety is energy illness how to safely clear entities and attachments spiritual parasites from your chakras and aura
Think of attachments like the flies, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents of the energy world. 

Entities as the criminals & con artists of the energy world. 

Earthbound spirits (Ghosts) as the homeless of the energy world.

anxiety is energy illness how to safely clear entities and attachments spiritual parasites from your chakras and aura

All About Entities & Attachments aka Invasive Energies

This is an important Blog. I’ve been wanting (needing!) to write a blog on attachments for quite some time now. After all, I’ve been witnessing entities & attachments wreak havoc in my clients lives lately.

But as with everything I do, I was waiting for my Guides to give me the ‘nudge’ that the time is right. Well, I have been nudged! So here goes…

What’s the big deal about Invasive Energies aka Entity Attachments aka Energetic Parasites?

Us poor westerners. We have been socialized to live in ignorance of our energy body. You know that many other cultures all around the world recognize it and maintain it’s health.

Except us.

If we aren’t aware it exists, how are we going to be able to properly maintain it’s health? And, without maintaining it, it’s going to be left exposed to all types of problems.

The reason that this blog is so important is because in the work that I do, I see these energy parasites causing problems in peoples lives ALL THE TIME. And, it’s a relatively easy fix to get rid of them. *Still true. 

Problem is, most people aren’t really aware that they have them so they find ways to live with the effects they have, such as taking medications, self medicating, or coexisting with them believing that the energy must be stemming from their own personality. It’s not.

*Note – I originally wrote this blog in 2016. Over the past 6+ years my understanding has expanded exponentially. I created a healing protocol titled ‘Safely Clear Invasive Energies’ where I provide an info video and a healing walkthrough – as well as tons of updated information. I’ll link it here and at the bottom.*

Beautiful Girl Portrait. Mistery Woman

The #1 Indicator that a person has an entity attachment is ANXIETY.

If you or someone you know has constant anxiety, there is an attachment. There are no exceptions to this. *Still true.

Being an empath, I can feel my clients emotions and I use the feeling of anxiety to zero in on where the attachment is located in the chakras so that I can remove it. I also use the feeling of anxiety as a gauge to know if I have gotten them all out or not. Once my clients anxiety is gone, I will know I have removed all of the attachments. As a follow up, I will ask my clients if the anxiety has returned or not. Generally, it hasn’t.

One of  my main goals in a healing session is to make certain that the clients energy is clear of attachments and that all damage or weakness in the aura is repaired and strengthened so they will not be vulnerable to getting one again.

So What EXACTLY is an ‘Attachment’???

An attachment, by my own definition, is an energy form that vamps (feeds on) your energy or has set up home in your energy field. They have various levels of sentience and awareness.

*Think of attachments like the flies, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents of the energy world. Entities as the criminals & con artists of the energy world. And Earthbound spirits aka Ghosts as the homeless of the energy world.*

Don’t go getting all freaked out though, everyone at some point in their life will get an attachment just like everyone gets the flu. It happens. But they do need to be addressed so they don’t keep clinging on and growing stronger feeding on your energy while you grow weaker from depletion.

What do they look like?

When I see them in a person’s energy field, they look like dark cords with claws that clamp on to the chakra or roots that wind around and dig inside the chakra. 

Since chakras are your energy generators, they are pirating energy from them. Not cool! Elemental attachments look like slugs or squid. It sounds weird I know (the life I live….).

Certain types of attachments like to instigate problems and drama in peoples lives by triggering negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions. By doing so, lots of negative energy is created for them to absorb.

example of damage to second auric layer
Example of Damage to Second Layer of Aura as a result of Entity Attack

How do people GET attachments???

There are a few ways that a person can pick up an attachment.

  1. Having Weak Spots or Vulnerabilities in your Aura. If your aura (energy field generated from your chakras) is torn or weak in any area, an attachment has a ‘way in’.
  2. Damage to any of your Chakras. Damaged chakras are vulnerable to ‘infection’ which means that they have weak spots where the attachment can get in and wield it’s influence.
  3. Not Occupying the Energy Centers. Many times a person will ‘shut down’ emotionally to certain aspects of their lives. This may come from abuse on any level, or extreme emotional disappointments that have taken place in their life. Or it could be from becoming so engulfed in living from the energy of one particular chakra, that they don’t bother living from the other ones. This leaves a vacancy in the energy center and an opening for something else to ‘move in’.
  4. Regular Exposure to Extreme Negativity. Attachments are persistent. They don’t ever stop trying to get in to your energy field. If you are always around them or in regular communication with a person who has one, it’s kind of inevitable that one is going to eventually get to you. They can be contagious in nature so if someone you know has one, it’s likely going to try to jump into your energy field and vamp you too.
  5. Having Highly Evolved or Developed Chakras. The brighter your light shines, the more appealing your energy is going to be to these baddies. In fact, the worst attachments I have ever seen have been on the most beautiful and evolved chakras I have ever seen. At first I questioned why someone so spiritually advanced would have such a terrible case of attachments. My Guides provided the answer. The more advanced the chakra, the more energy is generated from it. So of course the more appealing it will be to attachments. Basic chakras pick up basic attachments, advanced and powerful chakras pick up advanced and powerful attachments.

The Different Types of Attachments

For the purpose of keeping this blog as concise as I can, I will discuss only two different categories of attachments since they are the most common.

Attachment Category #1:  Low Level Entity Attachments

Based on what I know from personal experience, they are made out of negative energy and are always trying to instigate MORE negative energy (this actually makes a lot of sense considering that like energy will gather together and be drawn to itself).

They express themselves differently depending on which Chakra they are attached to.

Crown Chakra: Negative thinking, suicidal thoughts, loss of hope

Third Eye Chakra: When they attach to the third eye chakra, front or back, they will instigate paranoid images in the mind. Extreme cases of projecting, or of distrust will take place. The person who has a 3rd eye attachment generally experiences a sense of confusion and uncertainty about their relationships and their lives.

A strong message

Throat Chakra: This is the most favored place for an energy parasite to attach itself. What better way for it to express negative energy out into the world and instigate more negativity but through the VOICE. Sound is an energy vibration and words have power. If the energy behind it is negative, it will breed more negativity.

Think about it. Know anyone who is always talking sh*t about other people? Throat attachment. Know anyone who is always trying to start drama? Throat attachment. Ever seen an episode of Jerry Springer? I shudder at how many attachments are teeming among the people in the show and the audience (I cannot be in the room if that show is on because I can feel the negative energy emanating off of it so strongly).

I’m not speaking badly of these people. They aren’t aren’t bad people. Their energy has been compromised. It happens to us all. But we don’t have to allow it power in our lives if we are aware of it.

When an attachment gets into the throat chakra it will create a tense neck, pain in the left shoulder area, and extreme negative speech about their lives or about others.

Heart Chakra: When an attachment gets in here, it will create anxiety in the chest area. It will also give the feeling of being unsafe in close emotional relationships. Also, it will stimulate the feeling of living with a broken heart. So sad. People deal with this and they don’t have to.

Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra powers our sense of motivation and personal power. An attachment here will create a feeling of anxiety in the stomach area. People who get attachments here often experience severe social anxiety and are fearful of being themselves. They also feel powerless to make positive changes in their life.

Sacral Chakra: Because this chakra has so much to do with  sexuality, insecure anxiety revolving around a partners fidelity will result from an attachment to this chakra. I see a LOT of attachments here.

I have had my share of attachments in this chakra. I used to think I was a psycho jealous freak until I got rid of them. In fact, it was largely my spiritual struggle with these particular attachments that began my extensive education on them in the first place.

Root Chakra: This chakra has everything to do with our survival. An attachment to the root chakra will result in fear anxiety as well as bouts of anger.

entities in the grounding
Example of Entities in a Persons Grounding

There are Many Types of Invasive Entities:

The Instigator: This type of invasive entity likes to instigate negativity among groups of people. I had a recent experience with one of these.

One of my good friends is dating this guy who found out that I had a friendship with a guy he didn’t like. What happened? He postured as if he was so concerned for me (cause he’s a good boyfriend and cares about the well being of her friends) and shared with her some very disturbing facts about my friend (some major sh*t talking).

Being the sweet girl that she is, she got concerned and relayed to me this information feeling it important to let me know that I should seriously consider ceasing my friendship with him based on what her boyfriend had to say.

Of course I was able to immediately identify the  negative energy that had sourced with her boyfriend, multiplied to her, then to me with every intention of multiplying from me to my friend. And that’s how it works. They multiply around instigating negativity.

Her boyfriend had a negative energy attachment which he unknowingly intended to send to my friend via his girlfriend to me.

I did my best to stop this thing in its tracks. I told her that while I appreciate their concern, I am perfectly capable of making my own character assessments (I read energy and I’m psychic, I think I got this covered lol). Adding to it that I do not participate in drama (drama = attachments, period).

What happened? Well the negativity did ultimately find it’s way from me to my friend and he and I began to have needless conflict!

Rats! It got me. Despite knowing about it and doing my best to remove it, it still got me! They are tricky little buggers. And when they multiply from person to person they can be hard to eliminate. The more people they can multiply from, the stronger they get.

The Copy-Cat: This is a really interesting attachment. I have had clients and friends consult me over the years about a particular person who is basically trying to BE like them to the point where they were getting creeped out by it. They would dress like them, talk like them, seek relationships with their people etc etc.

Initially my reaction was to dismiss it. “Emulation is the highest form of compliment.” I would say.  “They must just really admire you. What’s the problem with that?”

And then I got to meet one in a healing session. It tried to fool me into thinking that it was a person’s guide. That didn’t work of course since low vibe attachments cannot present as guides. Nice try copy cat. This client had confided in me about a girl at her work who in a very disturbing way was doing the copy cat thing. It was a learning experience for me.

Since then I have reflected on these stories over the years of copy cat situations and realized of course, if it feels uncomfortable to the person on the receiving end of it then it cannot be a positive energy.

The copy cat attachment vamps an individuals energy through ‘linking’ to their energy field by acting like them and looking like them and in infiltrating their life.

Pack Attackers: These are the WORST. And I truly believe that the stronger a person’s chakras are, the more likely the person will experience an attack from these especially nasty attachments.

They multiply among a group of people with one person as a target.

Think about how groups of kids in school will make fun of or bully one kid. Pack attackers. They attack energy in a pack. The damage to the victims energy field is severe. It will shred a persons aura leaving them vulnerable to attachment themselves.

My first husbands family carries a very strong pack attachment. It may be a generational thing I’m not sure. Or maybe it has just been around long enough to build up a major amount of strength.

Over the years, I would notice that in his family there would always be a member who is the focus of all of their negativity. And it would cycle from person to person.

One month it would be the brother, all this sh*t talking would ensue among the family about him. It would escalate and build as everyone would call each other up or get together talking badly about him and then being all nice to him in person.

But then band together to do all these really mean passive aggressive things towards him which would eventually lead to everyone banding together to intimidate, threaten, humiliate, and berate him.


Once they had completely depleted and obliterated his energy field it would be on to the next member. And everyone got their turn until it goes around back again.

They tried to pack attack my 8 year old daughter, to which I bared my claws and showed my fangs. She was 8!!! Cmon people!!!

And then of course it was my turn to be the focus of their pack attack.

How dare I challenge the very powerful pack by denying them their tasty snack of my innocent 8 year olds energy.

Ohhh this type of attachment is just awful.

They aren’t bad people.

They are compromised.

And they are so conservative that I can’t just be like “dude you all have some nasty energy going on, let me fix it for you”.  I just keep a very careful distance from them. Sometimes in these cases it’s all we can do.

Attachments like these are collectively connected through every member of the group and have had opportunity to build in strength over long periods of time. It would be a bit involved to try to eradicate it.

Also keep in mind, attachments are invested in their source of energy so they will do whatever they can to keep their hosts.

Jealous man arguing with his wife

Relationship Attachment: Whew. These are very powerful as well. They jump back and forth between partners. Ever know a couple who have incessant drama? Constant fears of infidelity and betrayal? Distrust and accusations on a regular basis? Codependency in the extreme? Stifling possessiveness?

Sooo much energy is generated between intimate partners that naturally there will be a ripe opportunity for an energy parasite to get a massive meal on a regular basis.

Let’s say a guy has an attachment in his second chakra (the sexual energy chakra) and then he meets a girl. She likes him, things progress, they get intimate.

Because sex is such a powerful energy exchange between people, this attachment is then able to attach to her second chakra.


Psychic STD.

Seriously. (Ladies if you ever notice that you get a really uncomfortable feeling immediately after having sex with a guy for the first time, you probably got an attachment from him).

This attachment has now linked it’s energy to two people.

Let the fun and games begin.

This will be a relationship based on energy addiction, drama, abuse, control, insecurity and jealousy. The partners will be wondering why in the world they cannot achieve a healthy relational pattern.

If they try to leave the relationship it will seem as if they cannot get the person off their mind and that they are powerfully connected to the person. They are. But it’s not a healthy soul connection, it’s through an attachment that has vested interest in keeping them together.

I have had my share of experiences with this type of attachment as well. It was really eye opening for me. During a particularly intensive time of attachment training I was receiving from my guides, I started checking myself for attachments and clearing them regularly.

But then every time I would see, talk to, or even message my lover, I would get it again! I would clear it off of me and off of him and think it would be gone.


It was attached to the energy of the relationship itself. What!?

Every time I would clear his energy of the attachment, it would just get right back into his energy. I finally gave up and had to stop seeing him.

Some people grow fond of their attachments and enjoy them. They rely on the feeling that they get from their attachment feeding. They become addicted to it.

It makes me so sad to see this happening to people. They have no idea that there is an energy world operating in such a way that is affecting their spiritual health and causing problems in their relationships and daily life.

I just wanna fix it all for everyone. I really do. That’s why I am putting so much effort into making this blog as informative as I can.

elemental attachments star solaris
Not all nature spirits are cute little tinker bells…

Attachment Category # 2: Elementals 

These types of attachments intrigue me. They are the energies of nature and they really don’t mean any harm. But they can sometimes be troublesome for you if they get into your energy field.

They operate very differently from low level entities in the sense that they don’t necessarily feed on the energy of negative thoughts and feelings.

It would be way too extensive to go into much detail about these guys cause there are way too many to discuss.

In the case of elemental attachments, it’s really just about occupying your energy centers so that they don’t move in to them. And making sure you have healthy chakras and a sturdy aura.

As a society, we have become so divorced from nature that we do not realize that it has it’s own energy influence as well. Learning to live in harmony with these energies is important.

One of my first experiences with elemental attachments was with a clients solar plexus chakra. They were dark and looked kind of like squid and it took forever for me to catch and clear them all. As I was doing so I was asking his Guides “what the heck are these things????” And his Guides showed me an image of sushi along with the energy impression that they were the spirits of the eggs that were in the sushi he would eat. So I ask my client “hey do you like Sushi?” and he replied that he LOVED Sushi.

The days following the session I sat with this and contemplated it.

My best guess was that the little fishy spirits just lived in his stomach after he ate the eggs. But, I still didn’t understand it fully cause wouldn’t that mean that everything everyone eats has an energy that lives in us?

I don’t see these all the time. My guides answered my question. They said that a person is only inclined to pick up an attachment if the chakra has a vulnerability. Oh. Okay. His solar plexus chakra was indeed compromised. He was a Leo (Leos always have solar plexus lessons to learn and issues to resolve).

Another example of an elemental attachment was this absolutely gorgeous yoga girl. She has beautiful and strong chakras, she meditates, and she’s super in tune to her energy. So she schedules with me and says “I need energy work. Something is not right.”

In session I discovered that her aura had a huge weak spot in it, so we repaired it. And then I discovered a massive infestation of all different types of elemental attachments. Her guides showed me an image of yard work so I asked her if she was doing any yard work. “yes” she said. I asked her if she was clearing stuff out or killing off weeds or something and she said she had indeed.

So these homeless nature energies had nowhere to go but into her aura to settle into her root chakra. They were able to because there was a spot in her aura that was open and needed repair.

When energy that does not belong to you gets into your energy centers it stimulates anxiety and fear. Bless her heart. I tracked down every last one until they were all caught and cleared. It can be a bit tedious sometimes removing elemental attachments because they can be so prolific.

So how do I get rid of them and keep them gone!?

Regarding the low level entities the most important thing to know about them is that they are composed of negative energy. If you have emotional wounds or unresolved issues within you and your chakras (and hey, who doesn’t) then you have a vulnerability.

Which pretty much means nobody is immune.

One of the laws of energy is that like energy will be attracted to itself.

Same energy gathers together. Your wound is a bit of negative energy (because it hasn’t been healed yet) so that is where the attachment will be drawn and able to attach if you are exposed to one.

Taking this principle, if you try to ‘go to battle’ with one of these things and fight it you’re just gonna be feeding it and weakening yourself more.

Because they are from a low vibration, they cannot exist in the higher vibrations. Imagine a tall building with many floors. The ground would be where the attachments are. If you are on the roof, or on any level above the ground really, then they can’t touch you. They won’t even know you are there.

The idea then is to raise the vibration of the environment they are in.

What I do is I grab their energy cord and carefully unhook, untangle, unwrap it until it is removed from my client where I then pass it off to a higher vibrational energy that is happy to take it off my hands. I work with Archangel Michael for this. He doesn’t really talk to me except for an occasional word here and there. Mostly I just see and sense him and when he takes the attachment it dissolves.

They dissolve because they cannot exist in the presence of such a high vibration.

So don’t think you can fight them!

That is not how they are to be dealt with.

I had an apprentice once who refused to take my guidance on this. She was certain that she was such a powerful energy worker that no attachment could get to her. I’m sure you can imagine what happened. What could I do… but accept it.

Everyone has their own path to learning.

Arcangelo Michele2

Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Attachments

Anything that raises vibrational energy will help to remove attachments and prevent them.

Keep in mind, if your aura is damaged, then you are going to be a prime target for entities cruising around lookin for a meal. 

If your aura is sturdy and healthy, they are less likely to bother with you.

You can do my Invasive Energy Clearing with a healing video (and more) to safely clear entities and attachments (I’ll also link it at the bottom of the blog).

BUT if you have been experiencing a lot of entities & attachments they most certainly left damage in your aura (and probably your chakras too) so the first thing you will want to do is clear all the invasive energies THEN do your chakra and aura repair. 

  • Bells and Chimes: The vibrations from bells and chimes clear an area of negative energy by raising the vibration.
  • Incense: No not strawberry margarita incense. It needs to be a natural based incense like Nag Champa or Sandlewood.
  • Palo Santo: Also known as holy wood. It comes in sticks and it’s a bit spendy but worth every penny. This is my personal go-to for getting rid of these energies. I use it in session by holding it while removing the stubborn ones and I use it to regularly clear the energy of the area.
  • Sage: Most people are familiar with how sage cleanses negative energy from an environment. It won’t clear an attachment on it’s own but it will get rid of the energy that the attachment is around to feed on so that helps.
  • Archangel Michael: All you have to do is ASK for his help. That’s what Angels are there for, to help. It’s what they do. But they cannot interfere without permission. Asking is receiving. Be sure to thank them after. 🙂
  • Labradorite: This stone is my fave for keeping attachments at bay. Wearing a labradorite as a ring or pendant or even keeping one in your pocket (as long as it’s in your energy field) will provide a vibration that prevents attachments. Make sure you cleanse it regularly though.
  • Onyx: This stone is protective as well, in it’s own way. But be careful cause it gives you a ‘take no bullsh*t’ vibe which could take some people by surprise.
  • Yoga: When you do yoga, you are occupying your energy centers. That’s what yoga does. It brings your energy into all of your energy centers. The more energy you have home in your centers, the less space is available for anything else to occupy so attachments get pushed out.
  • Meditation: This has the same effect as yoga.
  • Positive Vibes: Make it a point to discipline your lifestyle to avoid negative energy as much as you possibly can and you will feel the attachments disappear.
  • Salt Bath: Salt is incredibly purifying. Taking a salt bath (preferably unprocessed sea salt or other natural salt) will clear your energy field.
  • Spirituality: Visit your church. Spend time in nature. Pray. Interaction with divine energy will raise your vibration up and out of reach of attachments.
  • Keep your home clear of negative energy: If your home has negative energy then it’s gonna have some attachments living there. Anywhere the sunlight touches in your home will be naturally cleared. But what about dark corners or closets? Let’s say you got in a fight in the living room, some of that angry energy hangs out like dustballs in that corner behind the bookshelf along with the other old negative energies. Clear it by opening the curtains and windows, burning incense, sage, palo santo, or throwing a bit of salt in the corner.
  • Close your aura: You can protect your aura when around negativity and possible attachments by closing it. The way that you do this is by placing your thumb inside your hand and closing your fingers over it. Like a fist but with your thumbs on the inside. You can also cross your arms and/or legs. When I was at the gas station earlier today, the lady in line next to me had a MASSIVE attachment. I just stood back out of her energy field and closed my aura so was unaffected by it.
  • Mantras: Singing or listening to Mantras raise the vibration of your energy field and they also fill the space with divine energy. There are some great ones on YouTube. Deva Premal is amazing!

Final Thoughts about Attachments

Remember, energy is not reliant on physical proximity. You can get an attachment from a phone call, a text message, or even from listening to certain music or watching television. Yes I’m serious about this. I witness it. And spend quite a bit of effort avoiding it. It’s a constant challenge.

Because I see and feel energy, I experience a different world then most people. In a way it’s torment. Unfortunately, there is more negative energy in this world then positive. I have to witness this harmful energy impact people every day. For the majority of my life I had to bear silent witness to it. Not anymore. Now I’m using my voice and my abilities to help as many people as I can. My hope is that this blog has helped you in some way.

Your energy is beautiful and precious and it is YOURS. Take care of it.

Much Love Light and Blessings,

Star Solaris Reiki Mentorship


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    What do you think about attachments being an expression of us not feeling complete and whole? We attach to things that are not us so we can have the feeling of completness and of being more than we are. If we are truly balanced and at peace with ourselves and out nature, attachment would have maybe be completely out of question.

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  13. I have a brown worm that i saw exorcised out of me by a buddhist monk. But it came back in again after aa few days.

    Have you encountered a brown worm that looks like a long chain of sausages but coiled up in a heap like a snake?

    During the exorcism when it wouldnt come out it made me sweat a lot then changed tactic to make me feel sad that i ugly-cried.
    It was in solar plexus now it js in my sacral chakra. What should i do?

    Thank you very much for yr article.

  14. That’s interesting. I do a shamanic egg healing method. It is a good way to cleanse for those of us who cannot see or remove the attachments by ourselves.

    Get a fresh, raw egg and tell it to hold negative energy for you. Then you roll the egg with quite firm pressure in repetitive, sequential circular motions all over your body especially around the chakras and say “oh entities, oh spirit beings, I have prepared a beautiful house for you full of life force energy, come and go into it!” Then the attachments recognize the egg as appealing life force so they actually get stuck in the egg.

    After that, get an empty jar, fill it half with water and break the egg into it and close the jar immediately. You can do a divination by looking at it to see what energies are present. Then carefully empty the contents into the toilet and flush it. Then dispose of the jar permanently e.g. put it in the recycling, don’t let it hang around the house.

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