How about that for a title!

I remember ten years ago when there was a rising interest in all things metaphysical a lot of people in the “new age community” were commenting on how bothered they were at the sudden influx of newcomers to the field.

“They are arriving on the trendy train” many old school mystics would admonish.

My response was one of confusion.

“But what is the problem with that? Doesn’t matter how they arrived, they are here! Hallelujah!” would be my response. I was elated! Finally my field of passion was being recognized on a large scale.

Keep in mind, I come from a background of being alienated or even persecuted for my beliefs and abilities throughout my life.

I remember wishing that I could wake people up to perceive what I was aware of so I wouldn’t feel so isolated living alone in my state of consciousness.

As the years progressed, I began to see what the OG mystics were talking about.

We have a lot of so called experts flooding social media and the market with material that is either only marginally accurate or absolutely bunk.

Master Healer Mentorship Star Solaris

And a lot of popular notions that are resulting in some serious potential for trouble.

Sorry… but it’s true.

I remember this guy on Instagram, he claimed that his third eye Chakra was super wide open and that all you had to do was look at a picture of him and it would open your third eye Chakra too.

He had this massive following of people.

He also had a massive entity on him.

I can’t begin to tell you how many healing sessions I’ve provided for clients that involved repairing the damage done by another healer (I rarely tell them because I feel like it’s unprofessional to speak about another healers work unless it’s validating it).

Here’s the Deal

There is a lot a LOT to the energy realms that needs to be taken into consideration when you choose to step in to it.

Much of what I know I’ve learned the hard way or the very hard way. I’m not even kidding.

When I see this stuff it really gives me the motivation to have a voice and put it out there in hopes of assisting those who are in a space of receptivity to hear the message.

5 Myths

Myth One – Reiki Masters are Masters

healing mentorship

I’m noticing a LOT of EGO with Reiki Masters. Probably because it has the word Master in it.

Being a Reiki Master does NOT make the individual a master.

It simply means the person has received the attunements to channel master level energy.

It takes between five to ten years for a master level attunement to fully unfold and the individual needs to be actively practicing and working on their personal growth and healing during this time.

Once a Reiki Master has undergone the initiation of time and life experiences associated with the attunements to where they are truly in the realm of personal mastery, they will no longer be in an Ego space with the title. These are the healers you want to schedule a session with.

If you are a student, steer clear of Reiki Masters who come off as controlling or manipulative in any way.

Myth Two – Gemstones are a Magic Cure

Yes, gemstones have incredible qualities.

But if you don’t know how to work with them, you could be asking for trouble.

Stones absorb energy from their environment. To include attachments and entities. So if you’re wearing your protective smoky quartz, and it’s doing it’s job for you… clear that baby in some salt weekly or bi-weekly. Ask your Angels to clear it of any entities and attachments and outside energy. Imagine you are submerging it into golden light.

On that note, there is a difference between clearing and charging and programming your gemstones.

Clearing removes energy residue.

Charging activates and strengthens the energy of the stone.

Programming directs that energy to a purpose.

If you are skipping these steps, best case scenario you have a pretty gemstone that is barely benefiting you and worst case scenario you could be carrying around a lot of yucky energy and entity pets.

Myth Three – You need a Healer to Tell You What’s Going on in your Energy

Self Healing Mentorship

Wow. I can really rant on this one!

I know, I know, most of us are socially programmed by conventional medicine to delegate our healthcare to a professional.

“Tell me what’s wrong and fix it for me” is the popular attitude many people have when they visit their doctor.

So it’s only natural that same attitude will carry over when they choose to go to a spiritual doctor.

Unfortunately, this can get you into some trouble.

Best case scenario, a well meaning but naive healer might give you some limited or inaccurate information.

Worse case scenario would be that you get taken advantage of by an unethical practitioner who spouts terminology in a confident way then charges you tons of money to let the entities in their field do even more damage to yours. Yep.

Becoming proactive in your personal healing and qualifying your healer by asking them questions and vibing them out will save you money and protect you energetically.

I always love it when a new client would reach out to me and ask me questions such as: “how long have I been offering healings, what do I do to keep myself clear, what methods do I use, etc”

These people get the most out of their sessions because they are taking an active role in their healing and are doing their due diligence in choosing their healer.

Okay so maybe you can’t see or sense your chakras or aura yet. Just like you don’t have an X-ray machine at home to get physical imaging done so that’s why you go to a doctor.

I get it.

But what if you do have a way to check the health of your energy and you just don’t know it?

There are techniques that you can use to scan yourself energetically.

Myth Four – Sage is the Solution!

Don’t get me wrong, I love sage! It’s great. It’s like a broom. It can sweep up stuck and stagnant energy in an Aura or a Space.

But then, that energy that has been swept needs to be tossed out, right? Open the doors and windows if you are saging a space or sage yourself outside.

Just keep in mind, different messes call for different cleaning products.

You wouldn’t use a broom to do your dishes, or to brush your teeth!

Clearing your energy body is very much like cleaning your physical body. And clearing your space is very much like cleaning your house. It’s just happening on different dimensions.

And there are MANY energetic dimensions so we need to use a variety of approaches.

You use different elements in cleaning your body such as water and soap, right?

Sure you could brush yourself off of dust with a broom, but it’s not going to get everything (especially if you stepped in gum bare foot!) that would actually make a bigger mess!

The same could be said with energy.

AND right now there are sooooo many different types of energetic pollutants and debris getting into our chakras and on our Auras… we need to be busting out some more heavy duty cleaning products!

Try to incorporate more elements in your clearing approach and observe for yourself the results. This is the *best* way to learn!

Clearing With Water

Try filling an empty spray bottle with water and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil and spray it around your house (and your aura!).

Clearing With Earth

Put salt in the corners of your home to act as attachment traps to catch the energetic versions of insects and rodents. You can sweep it up in a couple of days or a week.

Clearing with Fire

Simply burning a candle will help to purify the energy in a room or space.

Have a fire pit? Burn those old love letters from your ex! Burn those old tax forms from 10 years ago, you don’t need them and the energy in them is holding you back with your abundance! Burn them too! Do it! You’ll be so glad you did!

Clearing with Sound

Energy is frequency.

Sound is frequency.

Therefore, sound is a form of energy.

If you introduce a higher frequency to a lower frequency, do you know what happens?

Myth Five – Cut those Energetic Cords

Omg! Nooooooo!

You do not want to “cut” energy cords! [face palm]

Here’s the thing… energetic cords are very much like hoses which are designed to either siphon or dump energy into the recipient.

Let’s just imagine for a moment you encounter someone siphoning gas from your car with a hose.

So your like “HEY! Your busted! No more siphoning for you!”

And you cut the hose to stop them.

Then you drive on down the road.

With the hose hanging out of your gas tank.

What do you think is going to happen?

Well I’m not sure about the physics of it with a car and a hose but I can tell you what happens energetically… your energy is going to spill out everywhere!

And then any ‘would be siphoners’ (entities or intrusive people) hanging around are gonna be like “well there’s an easy target! That hose is all hooked up and ready to go! Grab it!”

Yeah…. Not good!

And wait there’s more! We haven’t even begun to get into the damage the hose is doing to the car and gas tank, especially if it’s just hanging there being dragged around.

And… you know… you can always just unhook, unravel, unwind, or otherwise remove the cord from your energy manually.

And then put some healing into the space it was embedded into and then call home and clean off your energy that was lost (or send home the energy you absorbed if it was a dumper cord) and you will be good to go!

Just please for your own sake, don’t CUT cords. 🤦‍♀️

I could probably go on and on…

And I think I say that often.

But I’ll stop here!

Remember, your energy is YOURS it belongs to YOU and you are SOVEREIGN!

Much Love and Blessings,

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