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Are other peoples emotions weighing YOU down?

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Many of us consider our emotions a reflection of ourselves and our personality.

We identify with them so much that we consider them a natural extension of our sovereign selves.

However, emotional energy is just that…. Energy!

Shifting the paradigm of how we view emotional energy can be intensely liberating and empowering for ourselves as we journey through our process of self discovery and personal growth.

When you find yourself engulfed by deep emotional turmoil, whether it is a sense of despair, anger, jealousy, insecurity, or an otherwise unpleasant emotion… These are the 3 questions you want to be asking yourself:

Question #1- Is it Mine???

Okay, I know this may sound abstract.

“Of course it’s mine! I’m feeling it!?” I can totally hear you thinking…

Well the truth is, emotional energy can be easily absorbed and transferred among people and often does.

This means that your broken heart over a situation that took place between you and a partner or friend may not be *your* sad feelings! You may in fact be feeling *their* emotional distress and mistakenly reading it as your own.

Another thing to consider is how much of YOUR own personal emotional energy may have been absorbed by other people. Away from you and out in the world leaving you feeling drained.

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Here’s What To Do

First take a moment to quickly call home your energy.

It’s as simple as having a thought “come home energy!” is all you have to say to yourself. Your energy is yours, it belongs to you, and will respond instantly to your direction.

*BOOM* Your energy is back. Can you feel it?

*Side Story – Most auras look like deflated balloons to me for this very reason. I always begin sessions by having my client call home their personal energy and I watch and monitor it as it returns filling their aura back up to its proper shape.

Now what you want to do is imagine that you are ‘cleaning’ it.

Again this is as simple as having a thought. Say to yourself “my energy is being cleared and any energy that doesn’t belong to me is returning to where it belongs.” Now take a little moment to really allow yourself to feel your energy being cleared.

*BOOM* You just cleared your energy.

How simple is this??? Don’t you just LOVE it!

CORDS – Energy Expressions of Manipulation

Sometimes…. There may be a case where you have been what energy workers call ‘corded’.

This happens when another individual attaches their energy to yours in a manipulative, controlling, or otherwise low vibrational fashion.

If that’s the case, simply ask yourself “Do I have any cords?”

Your energy will be HAPPY to show you if you do, since your energy doesn’t want em!

If you do see or sense any, simply imagine that you are pulling them out by the root (they sorta look like weeds going into your body and extending out).

*Side note: Many energy workers practice cutting cords. I have found this to be ineffective and have been taught by my Healing Guides that the proper way to remove them is by getting them at the root. Makes sense though doesn’t it?*

Once you have removed them, imagine they are returning home where they belong. If you like, you can ask your Angels or Guides to take them for you. (Remember, the other end does go to a person out there somewhere).

For Bonus Points you can imagine filling the cord with Golden Light healing energy!

*BOOM* You just de-corded yourself!

See how easy this all is??? See how AMAZING you feel now? 😉

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Question #2- Is This Emotional Energy Affecting My Thoughts and Actions?

Are fears and concerns creating blocks for you in your life?

Being that I am very much into Buddhism, I live by the principle of non-attachment meaning I don’t attach to my emotions.

When they show up I’m just like “Oh. Here’s some insecurity. What part of me is it coming from and what’s it trying to draw my attention to?”

For example, let’s say the insecurity is related to my finances.

Growing up, I watched my mother struggle working two jobs as a waitress to provide for us.

I inherited some of her survival insecurity and it’s still there. Living in my root chakra. Lying dormant within me until something happens which triggers it.

Being a business owner, my finances can be unpredictable and uncertain.

When I allow this insecurity to color my view of my income earning ability, I get fearful.

It affects my decision making and my actions.

What if as a result of this fear I choose not to purchase more marketing materials? What if I feel fearful that I may be cutting into money that should be spent on my household bills?

This then would align me into scarcity mentality… A mindset which creates lack.

If I can detach from the emotional energy of that particular insecurity, I may be making different decisions.

Buying those marketing materials will increase my business and therefore the inflow of abundance which results in living in alignment with an abundance mind state. Hence, more abundance!

See where I am going with this? 🙂

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Here’s What To Do

If you are noticing fears or concerns over literally ANYTHING at all, this is a method you can use to clear them away!

We are going to play in imagination world for this okay? Ready? Let’s go!

Imagine all of your fears and concerns are in a bag. For me, it usually looks like a burlap sac (I dunno it’s just how it shows up when I visualize it lol).

Now, imagine a shining Golden Box before you. It’s filled with Golden Light.

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The purpose of this is because the color Gold is a high vibrational energy which perfectly transforms or dissolves low vibrational energy (and guess what, your fears and concerns are simply low vibrational energies!).

Now put your bags of worries and fears and WHATEVER is weighing you down into the Golden Box!!!

*BOOM* You just cleared some negative emotions. Woo!

The fun part comes when you look into your life and start to notice things are shifting and changing around you for the better in relation to the situation you were feeling negatively about!

Hey, don’t take my word for it… Try it for yourself! 🙂

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Question #3- Is this Emotion Serving Me?

This is the most important question so I should have put it first.

Be real with yourself here.

Just because you are familiar and comfortable living with it… Just because you have coped with it for SO LONG by creating justifications for it…. Does NOT mean that it’s serving you!

Emotional energy of worry  is a common one I see among my clients.

It’s as if we have been socialized to believe that worry is a form of care and is actually helping the person or situation which you are concerned over.

As a Healer who literally sees the damage in people’s auras as a result of worry energy, I can assure you that it does not serve you (or the situation) in a positive way.

Worry is a low vibrational energy which actually contributes to creating that which you are so worried about!

If you would like to assist a situation (or yourself or loved one) by contributing your mental and emotional energy to it, there are much more effective approaches. 🙂

Here’s What To Do

After putting all your worries into a Golden Box to be cleared and transformed… Create for yourself a positive affirmation mantra to reprogram your aura to attract that which you DO want to happen.

Words have Power!

Remember, affirmations must always be present and positive.


You are worried you are going to get laid off from your job.

If you you say “I won’t get laid off from my job” all the energy world is going to hear is “laid off – job”.

Instead, use the present positive of that statement “I am so thankful that my job is secure.”


You really want a promotion.

If say “I will get the promotion” it’s not in the present tense. All the energy world hears is “will get” which keeps that promotion in the future.

Bring it into the present moment by stating the affirmation in the present. “I am so thankful for my promotion.”

Notice how I am using gratitude in each affirmation? Gratitude is among the highest vibrations. You can utilize this powerful energy to super charge your mantra!

Alrighty there you go! Hope you enjoyed my blog on addressing negative emotions and I *really* hope you tried the exercises! Cause it’s so exciting how WELL they work!

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Some after thoughts…

You do not need to be living a life of suffering when it’s SO easy to simply clear it all away.

Granted there are deeper levels of emotional clearing that these exercises alone cannot address but it sure does get the top layer anyway!

Just bop on over to my video healing gallery to do some self healing. 💜 

My intention for you is that you are able to clear away any outside energy that may be causing you to feel uncomfortable emotions. Also my intention is that you regularly care and maintain your energy so that you can live a life filled with a sense of peace, balance, and abundance.

So much Love and Blessings to You!

Star Solaris Reiki Las Cruces

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