Knowledge is power, and knowing how to look for these spiritual blind spots will help you in your personal healing journey.

These are blind spots that even get me on a basis too frequent for me to want to admit… which is why it’s a great topic.


Spiritual Blind Spot No. 1 – Back of Chakras

It’s so easy to forget about clearing & healing the BACK of your chakras.

Why? Well, because we threw that stuff back there for a reason, we don’t want to see it or think about it.

The back of your chakras are like those closets or drawers that you just cram stuff in that you don’t know what to do with.

In fact, if you happen to have closets or drawers like that in your home then you may want to take a look at the back sides of your chakras.

Another way that the back of your chakras can get clogged up is from other people dumping their energy into them. It’s a sneaky psychic way for them to deposit the emotional energy that they don’t want to deal with (energy dumping) OR get a cord in to steal or manipulate your energy.

Lots of stuff can happen to the back side of your chakras which could result in you feeling:

  • emotional overwhelm
  • heavy
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • back pain

Spiritual Blind Spot No. 2 – Psychic Permissions

A spiritual blind spot that is REALLY hard to catch is ‘psychic permissions’.

What IS a psychic permission? A psychic permission is formed when you give a person subconscious access to you.

Psychic Permission Examples

Emotional Vulnerability and Openness

It can be a beautiful thing to allow a person in, especially when it is a safe and loving relationship. But what happens when the relationship takes a turn for the worse? It’s no longer a good idea to leave those permissions open.

Think of them like open doors, it’s all fine as long as they are a respectful friend or family member. But if they begin to display disrespect, you need to close that psychic door. Cause you know how people are who don’t respect your home. They will do the same thing to you on an energetic psychic level.

Weak Boundaries

Having weak personal boundaries results in giving a LOT of psychic permissions to people.

If someone feels like they can make regular demands of your time and or resources, then it’s a safe bet that they have a lot of psychic access to you as well.

Employers will often have a lot of psychic permissions from you. Because on a conscious level it’s that agreement ‘yes I am here to provide my time and skills for your benefit in exchange for compensation’. That’s the basic understanding with employment.

And sure, that’s the deal. BUT that does NOT mean that your employer should have full psychic access to you 24/7. The boundary, the psychic boundary needs to state that there are limits on what you are going to offer in exchange for their compensation.

Even if you work for yourself, you still have those agreements with your clients.

These can also create psychic permissions.

If you are a healer, the agreement is ‘I will assist you in recovering your energetic strength and balance’.

But moving forward, whenever the client feels distress they may reach for you for help on a psychic level. If you have psychic permissions open to them, they will be jumping in to your energy on subconscious levels on a regular basis.

This is a HUGE blind spot for healers. Ahem… I speak from experience.

Spiritual Blind Spot No. 3 – Dump Zones

The third spiritual blind spot to be aware of is ‘dump zones’.

These are areas of your energy where people deposit their stuff.

For example, I was in a relationship with a man who was extremely insecure. He didn’t know how to manage his insecure energy.

So he did what most insecure men do, he found a woman to dump his insecurities into. Lucky me.

I was aware that it was taking place, but it was happening so often and so frequently that I could hardly manage it. It felt like I was trying to pull myself out of an avalanche of inferiority.

The thing about dump zones is that your aura can create a container for these energies of your own. Like little nooks to hold all your anger, or all your insecurity, or all your shame etc.

And with that matching frequency, viola the dumped energy just adds to your existing energy making it larger then it needs to be.

Can someone say ‘trigger’? Yep.

Dump zones can also be where people deposit what THEY think you should be feeling.

I’ll take some ownership on doing this myself.

Same relationship, this man left me and our newborn baby in the early days of covid so he could go surfing in California and chase other women.

I was so furious at his lack of responsibility and integrity that I felt he should FEEL like a bad father and a bad person! So I was dumping all this “your a terrible person and a terrible father” into his aura.

Of course I didn’t consciously realize I was doing it at the time. I was going through my grief and abandonment triggers which of course resulted in me being an energetic mess.

I wasn’t able to see more clearly until after the fact.

Since he was already carrying his own shame and insecurities, he had a lot of matching containers in his aura to receive the dumped energy.

More Spiritual Blind Spots

I almost included these spiritual blind spots, but I feel like they are so broad that they deserve to be a topic unto themselves. But I will quickly touch on them.

Inner Child Wounds

Inner child wounds can be a huge blind spot because it’s not your current state of consciousness that is at the helm. It’s your inner child running the show. These are those areas where everyone else can see it but you.

Ancestral Inheritance

The energetic patterns that you inherit from your parents can be a spiritual blind spot because it’s always been there.

When something is so familiar, how can you have a basis of comparison otherwise?

Some programming that is so deeply embedded may feel normal or how it should be. And if it feels that way, you aren’t going to have any inclination to address it.

Hence, blind spot.

How to Heal Your Blind Spots

The first step in healing your spiritual blind spots is in recognizing them.

Your awareness of their existence shines a light into the dark spaces where they exist. Sneakily draining your power and potential.

Showing up as those life blocks that you can never seem to overcome.

Healing the Back of Your Chakras

If you already have a system for keeping our chakras clear and repaired, just be sure to include the back of your chakras.

Clearing Psychic Permissions

To clear those psychic permissions, try this visualization healing exercise:

Imagine you have switchboards that are representing to you all the permissions you are subconsciously offering other people. It may look like a panel with levers or maybe even just switches.

Work with whatever presents to you.

You want to DISSOLVE all these boards and switches.

You don’t want them off.

You want them GONE.

Use golden healing light, or ask your Angels to assist you.

You Got This

If you are a seasoned energy healer for yourself or others, you are probably like “awesome I got this”.

If you are new on your healing path you may be like “whoa I dunno that sounds like a lot”.

Either way, I got you!

If you would love some Spiritual Healing Mentorship, I have a wealth of information here on my website.

I also have a TON of healing videos on my YouTube page.

May you be Blessed on Your Healing Journey,

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