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I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or if the entity attachments are out strong right now.

It’s been a heck of a day for me.

Two of my clients had severe high level bad spirits to clear.

One of my clients had it so bad that her physical body was trembling in a constant state of anxiety. She had seen every medical expert possible in an attempt to identify and remedy the discomfort.

And then she found me. I’m glad she did, cause I’m not sure if meds clear attachments.

So maybe I pissed off some entities today from clearing them and their buddies decided to come-a-knockin.

Or maybe it’s in the stars, cause I have a good friend who works at the Psych unit at the hospital and she said it’s over capacity with patients right now.

Or maybe it’s like my dear powerful shaman friend says… These beings are getting desperate.

Makes sense, I mean we just recently received a massive influx of high vibrational energy waves collectively raising the consciousness of mankind so people everywhere are shedding themselves of these things.

Now we got bad spirits in a desperate grasp for survival. Floating around in the energy world en masse trying to latch on and suck life-force energy from anyone they can get their cords into.

In a way its sad. Poor hungry entities. But they really don’t need to be making us miserable in the process do they????

Moving on with my day, at the store there was a man behind me in line who was speaking to himself loudly and incomprehensibly. Making gutteral growling noises at a crying child in the line over.

Putting up my golden shielding and diamond armor I attempted to shut out the sound of his voice so the energy wouldn’t get into my throat chakra. I did my best to lock up his energy so it couldn’t adversely affect mine or others. Could I have intention cleared him standing there in line? I wasn’t about to try. It seemed beyond my pay grade. Or I could have just been feeling tired and lazy after having dealt with two major bad entities already in a day.

Once I was home I received not one but TWO calls from different people I know who were making effort to engage me in conflict.

What the heck man I’m just trying to make a nice dinner with my kids and enjoy a peaceful evening.

With the energies being as intense as they are right now everything is amplified.

I was a breath away from going to the ‘crazy emotional reaction place’.

You know the place I’m talking about.

It’s that place we go to when we get triggered big time.

I realized of course that these individuals had entities in their energy which were instigating them to take some energy stabs at me in an effort to bring me down into the low vibes so they could feast on my marvelous energy.

If I went to the crazy emotional reaction place they would have gotten exactly what they wanted.

Nuh uh entities! This is what I say to you! I’m not about to take the bait and engage in the drama, and I’m too tired to try to distance clear you tonight, instead I’m going to clear myself and my space and hang out in the high vibes. Peace out.

Eclipses & Entity Season

The time between two eclipses I’ve nicknamed ‘entity season’ because that’s when they really come out in full force. The good news? They are easier to spot (cause your butt is getting kicked) BUT the eclipse time is pointing out an opportunity to clear them. Read more in Eclipse of the Soul

Signs Your Being Attacked

Anxiety energy in your higher chest area (this is the entity attempting to latch in to your higher heart chakra).

Anxiety energy in your stomach (this is the entity trying to bring down your natural energetic shielding by taking down your solar plexus chakra).

Crazy emotional reactionary response (this is your energy responding to the entity energy trying to vamp you and its throwing you into adrenaline fight for your life-force mode).

What To Do

1. Disengage

I know, easier said then done right?

Your energy is being attacked and you want to attack back! I feel you! I totally do!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work at all. Your just feeding the attachment that is driving the drama and making it stronger.

2. Burn Palo Santo

It will clear the intense emotional energy in the air and bring about a peaceful calming energy.

3. Light a candle

Fire is a wonderful purifying element. Its energy will naturally assist in clearing a space.

4. Salt your thresholds

Hahaha I probably sound like an episode from Supernatural but for real it works wonders. Pour a line of salt along the opening of your doorways so any negativity wanting to enter will be discouraged. For bonus points you can throw some in your window sills too.

5. Play high vibrational music

If you feel REALLY under attack Durga is so awesome.

Or some Reiki healing music, native flutes, meditation music, Tibetan singing bowls, anything like that is good. Gotta love YouTube.

6. Call upon your Angels and Guides

Its as simple as putting out a mental request. Telepathy is the cell phone of the spirit world. They are not hanging around you 24/7 in case you need help. And they aren’t about to meddle either. If you would like their help, you need to ask them.

Simply say “please Angels and Guides of the Highest Vibrations of Love and Healing come and clear away anything in my energy and space that is not in alignment with my greatest and highest good.”

Be sure to thank them! 💜

7. Call a High Vibe Friend

Just syncing up to their energy talking to them about anything other then the negative situation that is pulling on your energy will help you shift out of the low vibes.

8. Ring a Bell

If all you have handy is a wind-chime, do it. The vibrational energy from it will assist in clearing the negativity around and entities can’t stand the sound so it will chase them off if you do it enough.

9. Laugh!

Not the maniacal laugh. That’s not the laugh I’m talking about. Lol.

I learned from a colleague of mine that laughing is a really powerful way of releasing yourself from an entities grasp. She actually assisted me with a severe entity situation one evening with exactly this approach and it worked miraculously.

10. Bach Rescue Remedy

This flower essence works instantly when anxiety peaks and when you are under energy attack. It’s a really good essence to keep on hand for these situations.

I did create an Invasive Energy Clearing to help you safely remove entities & attachments with the help of your Angels. You can check it out here (I will also put a link at the end of the blog for you). 💜 

Words of Encouragement

You know, I used to take offense to people referring to “fluffy bunny love and light woo” like it’s a bad thing.

But I’m starting to get it now. Our collective evolution is not going to be all sunshine, butterflies and bliss.

Sure the vibrations are raising. And yay we are all waking up. Maybe now we can finally get down to the business of healing our planet.

But there are some darker implications here.

Growing pains are a part of the growth process.

We gotta flush out all our deepest emotional pain that we carry. It’s low vibrational and it cannot keep living pushed down into a corner in your new high vibe energy field.

It will come out and must be dealt with.

Surrender. It’s really all you can do.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t run for the meds thinking you’ve lost it.

Hold clearing space for the pain. Honor it for the lessons it brought, and let it go.

It’s all good. You’re just in a bit of a spiritual healing crisis. You’ll come out of it just fine.

Hang in there. It’s like that saying, “The only way out is through.”

And in this case, the grass really is greener on the other side.

Love and Blessings to you,

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