10 Secrets about How Your Chakras Affect Your Life

how chakras affect your life
how your chakras affect your life
How Your Chakras Affect Your Life

How your chakras are Affecting Your Life

I have a confession to make. I haven’t done a TON of chakra research or reading. Can you believe it?

Most of what I know about the chakras, I’ve learned from working as a professional healer for over a decade and observing the energy centers first hand.

Through direct mentorship with the Angels & Guides, I have come to learn about the chakras organically.

Being an energy healer is like being an exterminator, maid, mechanic, and contractor. The chakras always need exterminating of invasive energies, cleaning, repair, and renovation.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned thus far.

Secret No 1 – Your Chakras are Dimensional Gateways

Let’s lead with one of the biggest mind blowing realizations I’ve come to discover about how the chakras are affecting your life.

The Chakras function as Dimensional Gateways.

– star solaris

Each chakra is an access point to the dimensional energy which is it associated with.

And these dimensions each have a spectrum of low to high frequency.

Basically, each of your chakras could be vibrating in a low or high frequency. And yes, it’s possible for some of your chakras to be functioning in higher frequency and some in lower frequency.

Think of it as a polarity. All things have a negative and positive potential for their expression.

For example, if your root chakra is functioning in low frequency, you will exhibit the energetic expressions of extreme materialism, selfishness, control through anger etc.


If you were to evolve the frequency of your root chakra, you will suddenly start to demonstrate a different expression of that energy. You will become elevated, and show generosity, flexibility, and patience.

Changing the frequency of your root chakra will affect your life in a positive way.

What keeps the frequency of your chakras low?

Negative energy is dense and heavy. If it is not properly disposed of, it will condense and collect in your chakras clogging them up.

All that condensed energy of negativity will affect the frequency of your chakra.

how your chakras affect your life
Your Chakras are your keys to access multiple dimensions.
What does this have to do with Dimensional Gateways?

The chakra channels the energy from the landscape of the frequency of the dimension.

The lower frequencies of the dimensions ALL have ‘invasive energies’ which are the insects, rodents, and criminals of the energy world.

If you know someone who has a low frequency chakra (or if you have a low frequency chakra) then invasive energies are always going to be around. Why? Because invasive energies feed on low frequency energy and have an interest in generating more of it. It’s what sustains them.

Every Person is a channel. You are a channel.
You choose what you channel.
– Star Solaris

You channel energy through your chakras from the frequency of the dimension that your chakra is attuning to.

Wild right? Keep reading and it will come together more.

Secret No 2 – Your Chakras are Like Energetic Motors

These motors generate the power you need for your life experiences.

A healthy root chakra motor will manifest wealth, purpose, and safety in your life.

A healthy sacral chakra motor will result in you having confidence, sex appeal, passion, and manifesting power.

A healthy solar plexus motor will protect your chakras and power your vitality and personal authority.

A healthy heart chakra motor will attract love into your life and allow you to feel loved.

A healthy throat chakra motor will allow you to be in touch with your Angels and Guides, express your authentic self, and provide for you the energy you need to feel validated.

A healthy third eye chakra motor will provide the energy you need for your memory, ability to conceptualize, and your visualization.

A healthy crown chakra motor will allow you to hear the wisdom from your higher self, and power your sense of being supported by the Divine.

They also generate the power you need to NOURISH your physiology. If they aren’t functioning optimally, your chakras will affect your life in a negative way.

If one of your chakras becomes clogged or damaged, it cannot provide the life force energy which you need for your physical body to run on. And illness will ultimately result.

Because your chakras work together to exchange energy information through the flow of your meridians, if one chakra becomes damaged or defective – your entire energy system will suffer.

how your chakras affect your life
Your Chakras affect Your Life by Carrying Coded Memory from Past Lifetimes

Secret No 3 – Not all chakras are the same

I’ve noticed as a healer that some chakra systems are incredibly complex and advanced, while others are pretty standard.

It’s like the difference between working on an old Ford vs a time traveling Lamborghini.

A Starseed, old soul, or Lightworker will have a chakra system that carries within it coding that can access and utilize frequencies that new souls aren’t capable of accessing.

So, in short, some people have really advanced chakras. And some people don’t.

Generally speaking, older generations tend to have more basic chakra systems. And younger generations tend to have more advanced chakra systems.

This is because the frequencies on this planet are increasing, so higher frequency energetics are now able to incarnate here.

how your chakras affect your life
Your Chakras affect Your Life by Providing You With Information about the Energy World

Secret no 4 – Your Chakras are Your Energetic Sensory Centers

What do I mean by this?

Just as you have physical senses to perceive the physical world with, you also have energetic senses to perceive the energetic world with.

Crown Chakra: Claircognizance

Third Eye Chakra: Clairvoyance

Throat Chakra: Clairaudiance

Solar Plexus Chakra: Clairsentience

So it’s a myth about how only CERTAIN SPECIAL people are ‘psychic’.

Everyone has chakras. Everyone has the capacity for receiving information from the energy world via their chakras.


Just as all chakras are not the same, and some are more advanced than others… it’s going to be a lot easier for someone with highly developed chakras to utilize them.

Your chakras affect your life by providing you with sensory input about the energy around you.

how your chakras affect your life
Your chakras affect your life negatively when they become clogged and damaged.

Secret No 5 – Dense Emotional Energy Blocks up Your Chakras

The fact that dense emotional energy blocks up the chakras is probably no secret…


It’s not just YOUR emotional energy (ahem, baggage) from this lifetime and past lifetimes which can sit in your chakras keeping them all clogged up.

Other peoples emotional energy can block up your chakras too.

And what happens if your chakras get blocked up?

Case example:

I had a client who was experiencing severe anxiety. She was covered solid in entities & attachments. Her aura was in shreds. Her entire life was a mess. Her chakras were all damaged and clogged up with her emotional energy from being in an abusive relationship along with the energy from the man who had abused her.

Here is what is interesting, she actually had really advanced chakras and energetics. Side note *I see MORE damage and invasive energies on advanced energetics.

So to explore what happened to her in a sequence:

  • She experiences verbal abuse as a child from her father
  • The energy of the abuse accumulated in her root chakra
  • Through the law of attraction, her root chakra attracted more masculine abuse energy
  • She attracted relationships with verbally abusive men
  • Her root chakra became so clogged up with that energy that it could no longer generate energy to provide her with a sense of safety, purpose, and prosperity
  • She had problems with money, fear, and lack of career direction

ALL because of the clogged up energy in her root chakra from her early experience of abuse with her father.

What happened after she cleared her root chakra of all that energy?

Her anxiety cleared, her relationships with men improved, she began to feel secure in her safety in the world AND she made huge progress in her career and ability to generate and manage wealth.

See how having just ONE clogged up chakra can totally affect you in your life in so many ways?

And the majority of our population has multiple clogs not to mention damage in multiple chakras!

how your chakras affect your life
Damaged chakras will affect all areas of your life.

Secret no 6 – Chakra Damage Will not heal over time

You read that right. Damage to a chakra can remain over an entire lifetime. Or even LIFETIMES.

Negative energy clogs can easily accumulate in damaged parts of the chakras (or cause damage to a chakra) and attract invasive energies which ‘move in’ to the clogged energy and keep it stuck.

As long as the invasive energies and stuck clogged energy is there, the chakra cannot naturally reform itself.


The good news is that these energy clogs can dissolve INSTANTLY.

All you need to do is clear the invasive energies that are keeping them stuck (ask your Angels to clear them and they will), and then direct high frequency energy (Golden Light or Reiki) to the clog.

Once you’ve done that, direct high frequency energy to your chakra to support it in reforming itself.

Viola. Easy peasy. You got this!

how your chakras affect your life
Your chakras affect your life by generating the energy for your Mood.

Secret No 7 – Your Chakras Power Your Aura!

You have 7 main chakras, and each of them are powering a different layer of your aura.

If you have ever known anyone who ‘wears their wounding on display’ – then you can guess what I’m gonna say next.

Clogged energy in the chakras = emotional baggage.

So naturally if the chakra is generating energy for the aura (which is a persons vibe), and if the chakra has a lot of baggage in it – that’s gonna translate to the persons vibe and personality.


See my blog about the aura to learn more.

But just remember, if you have clogs in your chakras, then your aura is going to be affected by the energy that is in the chakra.

A clogged up root chakra with anger will be transmitting anger into the aura.

And if the chakra becomes so clogged up that it shuts down, then it cannot generate the energy needed to create the auric layer. This results in a person becoming very energetically unsafe and vulnerable to MORE energetic clogs and invasive energies.

Your aura is SO IMPORTANT. It powers your MOOD. It protects your chakras. It communicates energetic information to the world.

If your aura is strong and healthy, you will be able to manifest easily and effortlessly. But if your aura is weak and damaged, you are going to be easily irritated and struggle with your manifesting.

You would probably suffer from a lot of anxiety as well since invasive energies can move into your energetics easily.

Anxiety ALWAYS equals invasive energies in your energetics.

It’s your energetic alarm system alerting you.

– star Solaris

Secret No 8 – Your Chakras Become Stronger after Clearing & Repairing

When I first witnessed this I was really surprised.

You know how when a person breaks their arm and it has to sit in a cast, the muscles begin to weaken from disuse?

The opposite is true for the chakras.

If your chakras have been clogged up and damaged for a period of time (resulting in a multitude of life lessons from the experience) – once you clear and repair that chakra it becomes your SUPERPOWER.

It’s like if you had carried a ton of rocks up a mountain every day. Once you put down the rocks you can fly up the mountain! You have built strength over the period of time that the chakra was under duress.

how your chakras affect your life
If you aren’t in your chakras, invasive energies will move in.

Secret No 9 – If You aren’t occupying Your chakras, Something else will

The purpose and goal of meditation, is ultimately to bring you fully into your chakras.

That is where you will find your power, your bliss, your enlightenment.

Clogged up chakras make you want to ‘check out’ of them on an energetic level.

Because if you are in the chakra that has all that uncomfortable emotional energy, well it doesn’t feel good, you don’t wanna. So you check out.

It results in going through life like a zombie in some ways. Or even in literal ways.

Because if a chakra isn’t being occupied by you, that means there is a vacancy.

And if there is a vacancy ANYTHING can come along and move right in. Earthbound spirits (ghosts) or even negative spirits (what I call invasive energies) or even people who are energetically invasive might ‘take command’ of that chakra.

Which is what narcissists are, people who have checked out of their chakras due to some form of emotional trauma. Negative entities move in and so you have the person you love there half the time, and then the entities the other half of the time. Or however it balances out depending on how severe it is.

The goal is to be as present in all of your chakras as possible.

If you can achieve this, you will be fully in your power – and you will be able to achieve fulfillment in all areas of your life.

how your chakras affect your life
Ascension is your chakras elevating in frequency.

Secret No 10 – Your Chakras are Evolving Rapidly at this Time

Due to the higher frequencies that are coming in to the planet right now, chakras are evolving at a quantum pace.


It really helps to get your conscious mind on board with the process.

It’s not something that will happen easily if left on autopilot.

What Your Chakras Need in Order To Evolve
  • Invasive energies cleared off of them
  • Energetic cords cleared off of them
  • Energetic clogs cleared out

Remember Secret No 1, your chakras are dimensional gateways? And how each of your chakras can attune to higher frequencies within the vibration?

This is happening collectively. It’s the grand awakening.

And it’s infinitely more enjoyable of a process to choose evolution.

– Star SOlaris

The journey takes you to the same place, but it IS up to you how you get there.

You can take the blissful scenic cruise or pull the rickshaw barefoot through the Sahara. Totally up to you.

I’m on a mission to provide you with the blissful scenic cruise, should you want it.

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