Venus Retrograde – Revisiting Old Dreams

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Ah Venus! Our wonderful planet of beauty, love and money is getting ready to surprise us with some interesting events in our lives over the next couple of months. It's retrograde time for her again, and you may be asking yourself "what does it all mean!?" Well my dear friend, lets take a moment to explore the energy that our lovely Venus has in store for us collectively.

From July 25 to September 6 feelings of love are BIG and so are the remembered dreams. We start to consider the possibility that maybe we really can achieve those aspirations which we have for so long been seeing as out of our reach. By entertaining notions in ways that make our dreams seem feasible, we dip our toes into the waters of hope and possibility. These are not new dreams or aspirations. They have existed for awhile, yet are only now beginning to take some form in the basis of reality.

Memories surface of experiences long forgotten (or suppressed) sweeping you up in a glorious wave of deja vu until you crash hard into the pain of the past. What to do with all of this unexpected emotion that has boiled up to the surface? This love, these dreams, abandoned so long ago and painstakingly buried under all of that which we used to cope with the loss of them, have now resurfaced. And despite all our efforts, refuse to be ignored. What to do?

Well for starters let's keep ourselves grounded in reality. Don't be afraid to see these resurrected dreams and themes in a new light. That's exactly what this Venus retrograde is about. Elevating. Venus is giving you the courage and power to pull those old forgotten dreams out of your Pandora's box, dust them off, and give them a little bit of polishing. You had them for a reason. Ask yourself what that reason was and if it's time for you to breathe new life into them, or to honor the influence they once held in your life and surrender their release. Likely the answer you uncover over the next few months will be a combination of the two. There will be aspects to your recovered love that will demand to be nurtured and rebuilt. And likewise, aspects which will be laid to rest once and for all.

Some of this will be blissful indeed, while other dimensions will be extremely challenging. When old feelings awaken, old wounds get revisited, and old insecurities resurface. This is where the key to our growth lies.

Venus is saying "Guess what! I have some special new blessings in store for you, but first let's clear out this old baggage to make some room. No worries... I'm here to help!"

Right now Venus is like that overly helpful friend who has taken it upon herself to help you clean out your closet. She's digging out all of the old boxes of clothes that you haven't worn in YEARS. How dare she? Doesn't she realize that you don't like seeing them? You put them in a box for a reason, you don't want to be reminded of that time in your life.

Oh god, now she is pulling out that box of gifts and love letters from the man who demolished your heart. You definitely don't want to see that. At first it seemed like such a kind gesture but now it's getting personal. You get indignant.

Holding back tears you tell her, "Put those things back in the box Venus. And put the box back in the closet. This is so intrusive... Please, get out of my room."  Undeterred she continues on as if she didn't even hear your pleading. Oh this is just too much, you can't do this. She thinks she's helping but really she's driving you insane taking you down a memory lane you would rather not be visiting. She reaches into the box and pulls out a little stuffed giraffe.

Reaching for it you can't help but smile to yourself. This stuffed animal is from the time that he was so determined to win me a prize at the carnival. It was hilarious how he couldn't get that balloon to pop but he refused to give up. Ahhh the sweet sentiment sweeps over you. Then she pulls out the letter you wrote to him but never sent. You read it to her, noticing how the paper is still wrinkled with tear stains as you begged him not to leave you for her, promising to change or do or be anything at all if only he would come back.

How embarrassing. God your glad you didn't send that.

You take a moment to be thankful that you are no longer that desperate needy person. You start to see the relationship and all that had happened between you and him through new eyes. You're thankful that he left you for her after all, because if he hadn't, you wouldn't have met your husband and had the two incredible children you now have today. Life is always looking out for you, you just didn't realize it at the time.

A little piece of your heart that had been carrying the pain of that heartbreak heals, and you agree to place the items into the trash bag that Venus is holding open before you. She smiles in approval and pride as you easily and comfortably drop them in. Your closet is still a mess, and your room is still cluttered with all the junk she has pulled out and spread around forcing you to go through... But your heart feels a little bit lighter and happier as you go about sorting through the rest of it.

Only you know what your baggage is. It could be anything Venus related. It might actually be a closet full of clothes and memory boxes that you know you must sort through and donate half to charity (or have a yard sale!).

Or, it might be an emotional closet full of the broken promises and betrayals that you suffered at the hand of the one person who you trusted above all others. Regardless of what it is, it's time to face it and deal with it. Whenever these things come up in our lives its our soul telling us 'it's time'. Sometimes it does so gently, sometimes not so gently. But once it's over and done, you'll be so thankful for the new level of emotional freedom that you have achieved and all the work you have done will be worth it.

Light and Love and Blessings to You!

~ Star Solaris ~



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