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What is a Spiritual Ninja session?

This is a remote healing session which you request on behalf of yourself or a loved one which does not require a scheduled phone appointment.

Heres how I do it and some points to know:

  • I contact the individuals Astral Self and ask if they would like some assistance clearing their energy and the energy around them.
  • I follow their direction by assisting in clearing what they indicate is affecting them the most in an adverse way.
  • IF the individual is someone who is attacking you energetically, I will clear the troublesome entities or energies in their field which are instigating them to have hostile or otherwise negative behaviors towards you and others and have a discussion with their Guides and their Astral self regarding the situation and retrieve your personal energy that may have been stolen as a result of the energetic abuse.
  • IF the individual is a loved one and simply needs some healing help, I will provide that for them based on what their Astral self indicates to me that they need.
  • Because I work for Divine Guides, my intention is ALWAYS to be of healing assistance.
  • There is of course no guarantee that this work will result in a positive shift in the individuals behavior, however a good majority of the time it does create an impressive change and healing of the relationship dynamic between you and the individual.
  • IF the person is a chemical, pharmaceutical, or alcohol addict the work is less likely to achieve dramatic lasting results... however it can still help if the persons energy is truly at readiness to elevate.

Here is how you can request a Spiritual Ninja Session 🙂

Follow the steps to make the Request and be sure to include the individuals name. It really does help if you have a photo of them but its totally okay if you don't.

I keep the cost for this particular session pretty low but if it's a severe case we might need to do a couple depending on the situation.

It's basically a "Quick Clear" which you can read about. Most the time it's all that is needed.




Step 1: Purchase Using the PayPal Button

Step 2: Send me an email at starsolaris1122@gmail.com and in the subject line "Spiritual Ninja Request"

Include in the email:

- Individuals Name

- Photo if you have one

- Info you would like to share about the individual that might assist with their healing

- Anything you would like me to put specific focus on

Step 3: I will do the clearing within 7 days of your request and send you an email to give you a Quick Overview of how the Session went.


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