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Let's face it... We all know someone who is energetically messed up but for whatever reason, they refuse to do anything about it and having them in your life is messing up YOUR energy.

Maybe it's a friend who is in constant crisis, a lover who is all energetically polluted by their past relationships, or a family member who 'doesn't believe in this stuff' or even someone at work who seems to 'have it in for you'.

Maybe it's bullies at school messing with your kids. Or maybe your kids have friends who have suspect energies going on around them. I have teenagers and regularly scan and clear the energies of their friends! I feel absolutely entitled since their energies DO affect MY KIDS and consequently, my energy as well.

Lots of potential scenarios here.

When we are being energetically attacked by someone, sometimes we need some Spiritual Ninja support.

Usually these are people who are:

  1. So controlled by low vibrational entities or attachments that they are unable to break free from them
  2. Not at a level of spiritual 'readiness' to take the initiative to undergo the lifestyle changes necessary to clear themselves and heal their energy
  3. Socially programmed to believe that there is no help for such things
  4. Ego driven to the point where they cannot conceive of perceptions beyond their current mode of awareness

What to DO???

A Healer is always trained in Ethics regarding energy work for an individual without their conscious awareness (or they should be).

However, let's say you always have to be around someone who has wasps swarming around them that are constantly stinging you and everyone else!

Wouldn't you like to be able to call an exterminator for your sake (as well as theirs and everyone else around them)?

That's where I come in.

When I do a Spiritual Ninja Session for someone, I contact the individuals Higher Self and Astral Self and ask them if they would like some assistance.

Regardless of what the persons conscious mind might say, their spiritual self is almost ALWAYS happy for the help!

My point here is that many people need this work and they aren't always able to accept or allow it consciously even though they have a Higher Self and Team of Guides which are DESPERATE for the person to receive it.

Having an attachment infestation is almost like the persons sovereign consciousness is being held hostage by low vibrational energy wasps and rodents. UGGGGG!

In a way, it's a break of ethics for them to go around the world polluting everyones energy they come into contact with... So the way I see it, it's totally okay to clear that stuff off of them.

Okay okay okay so what exactly IS a Spiritual Ninja Session?

It's basically a healing you purchase for someone without their conscious awareness.

Heres how I do it and some points to know:

  • I contact the individuals Astral Self and ask if they would like some assistance clearing their energy and the energy around them
  • I follow their direction by assisting in clearing what they indicate is affecting them the most in an adverse way
  • IF the individual is someone who is attacking you energetically, I will clear the troublesome entities or energies in their field which are instigating them to have hostile or otherwise negative behaviors towards you and others and have a discussion with their Guides and their Astral self regarding the situation and retrieve your personal energy that may have been stolen as a result of the energetic abuse
  • IF the individual is a loved one and simply needs some healing help, I will provide that for them based on what their Astral self indicates to me that they need
  • Because I work for Divine Guides, my intention is ALWAYS to be of healing assistance regardless of how 'awful' the individual may seem to be since usually what is driving their awful behavior is really just a need for some clearing and healing
  • Sometimes they need a little bit of energetic course correction which is entirely decided by their own team of High Vibrational Guides and Higher Self but I will request it on your behalf if it is indicated (example: stop bullying my clients kid)
  • There is of course no guarantee that this work will result in a positive shift in the individuals behavior, however a good majority of the time it does create an impressive change and healing of the relationship dynamic between you and the individual
  • IF the person is a chemical, pharmaceutical, or alcohol addict the work is less likely to achieve dramatic lasting results... however it can still help but only if the persons energy is truly at readiness to elevate

I discovered my ability to offer 'Spiritual Ninja' healings on accident.

First of all, if there is a person around me with polluted energy whether it's in a public place or social event... I clear that sh*t! Seriously. Don't give me too much credit for my compassion, often it's for my own comfort!

Also, during my sessions I would encounter situations with my clients where I notice that their energy is being adversely affected by someone in their environment. I would visit said individual energetically to repair whatever was motivating them to do so.

Hey, I'm protective of my clients energy! I'm protective of EVERYONES energy since I see a lot going on that most people do not. If I can help in any way, that's what I want to do.

The way I see it is, we all need healing. Period.

In the meantime, here is how you can schedule a Spiritual Ninja Session 🙂

By the way, this is NOT an in person session. Of course not, I mean, the person doesn't even know they are receiving it. So it really doesn't matter where they live. This is an energy healing session that takes place entirely in the Astral realms.

Follow the steps to make the Request and be sure to include the individuals name. It really does help if you have a photo of them but its totally okay if you don't.

I'm pretty good at grabbing a person's energetic signature through thought (example: the creepy neighbor dude who makes me so uncomfortable)

I have had clients schedule with me to do a Spiritual Ninja on many of their family members and work colleagues so that they can more easily maintain their sense of peace and well being since they do a lot of personal energy work and do not want it constantly damaged by those in their environment.

The intention is always to raise the vibration of the energy interactions between them and these people.

I keep the cost for this particular session pretty low but if it's a severe case we might need to do a couple depending on the situation.

It's basically a "Quick Clear" which you can read about. Most the time it's all that is needed.




Step 1: Purchase Using the PayPal Button

Step 2: Send me an email at starsolaris1122@gmail.com telling me the Individuals Name (Photo if you have one) and Why you want them cleared

Step 3: I will do the clearing within 24 hours of your request and send you an email to give you a Quick Overview of how the Session went


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