Sanctify ~ 8 oz Bottle Energy Clearing Spray


Energy Clearing Spray Sanctify Star Solaris

Star Solaris Energy Clearing Spray

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Sanctify Energy Clearing Spray Star Solaris

Story of how this powerful energy clearing spray was born...

As a Reiki Master Healer, Sanctify was created from my need to regularly clear the energy of the sacred space I worked in.

An herbalist recommended I make an energy clearing spray from Osha root, which to my delight worked incredibly!

So much in fact, I wanted to share this discovery!

As I explored the idea of creating a product line, I was being led by my Guides to add more elements.

Charged water from an Ascension Labyrinth, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, Ponderosa Pine, and Cinnamon all lend their unique healing gifts to the spray.

The most magical ingredient in Sanctify is a gift of carbonized tree fossil from a tree discovered in the Republic of Georgia and placed into a museum due to its mysterious origins dating back to the time of Noah's flood.

Combining these elements with pure essential oils in the Mother Infusion, I sang the Mother Love song to the water while charging with Reiki.

After successing, a symbol appeared within the components of the mixture... A symbol you may know as the trident, also known as the Rune of Algiz.

Energy Clearing Spray Sanctify Star Solaris

Said to "Represent the Divine Might of the Universe" I took it as an omen to include a sigil of its power on the labeling to further add attributes of protection from the worlds of the seen and unseen.

If you are an Empath, or can feel energy, you will feel the effects as you spray it. 

Sanctify Energy Clearing Spray Star Solaris

Exploring the Uses of this Energy Clearing Spray

Developing the spray, I was so thrilled with how amazing the scent is! But how powerful would it be in clearing energy?

Time to put it to the test!

Exterior of Home - Rock, Brick, Stucco, and Wood

Something I have observed in home clearing is the fact that most homes are made from elements of stone and wood. Tile for example is a stone and does hold old energy from those who occupy the space around it as well as whatever energy had gotten sealed into the material during production and construction.

Homes made with brick, concrete or stucco walls (I live in the Southwest and see stucco often) catch and hold a lot of old energy.

I sprayed the wall along the backside of my home and noticed an immediate change and shift in the vibration of the backside of the house as well as in the backyard.


A few days later I chose to spray Sanctify on the front of the house while I was waiting for a client to arrive for her healing session. Since she showed up early, I was only able to spray half of the front of my home.

Interesting that I noticed a distinct difference between the front half of the house that was sprayed with Sanctify and the side that was not.

A few days later returning from a trip the the grocery store with my fiance, I was scanning the front of our house as we pulled into the driveway.

"What are you looking at?" He inquired of me as he knows when I am scanning the energy of something.

"I'm scanning the energy of this side of the house. Did you Sanctify it?" I asked him, curious.

"I sure did." He replied.

It was so validating that I could notice the distinct difference in the energy of that side of our home without knowing consciously that he had Sanctified it.

*Side Story* I was hired by one of my clients to clear a home she had on the market which hadn't sold for a year. One of the main things I discovered that it needed was a clearing of the front wall. I used the energy clearing spray on it and within 3 weeks it sold. Pretty awesome huh!?

Sanctify Star Solaris Energy Clearing Spray

Fabrics and Clothes

I've noticed in my work that one of the most stubborn materials to clear is fabric. Particularly clothing. To the point where when I am complete with a healing session my Guides instruct me to change my clothes as they have absorbed energetic pollutants from the clearing I had just conducted.

In daily life energy absorbs into clothing as well.

As my teen daughter would say "these clothes are emotionally dirty".

Curtains, upholstery, mattresses, and bedding all hold old energy as well that does not clear when washed in the laundry.

As one of my best friends once said "No matter how much I washed my comforter and sheets, I could still feel the energy from my ex boyfriend on them."

Rugs especially catch and hold old energy! I love rugs for the aesthetic value and comfort quality they offer but they are major depositories for yucky energy dropping out of individuals root chakras. I can't tell you how many rugs I've had to throw away over the years due to this unfortunate fact.

Depending on the type of material the fabric is made from, it acts as something of an 'energetic net' to catch and hold old energy. This can be a great thing if the energy is good. However, if the energy isn't so great, or even if it's just your own outdated energy prior to your vibrational evolution, it needs some clearing!

Sanctify to the rescue!

I spray my couches, curtains, bedding, and even a bit into my laundry so my clothes are all nice and energetically fresh.

Sanctify Star Solaris Energy Clearing Spray


Cars catch attachments often. Due to the fact that they contain a lot of fabric and metal AND they are moving through areas that are swarming with energetic troublemakers (busy highways are always teeming with attachments - I should write a blog just on this topic alone) you definitely want to keep your vehicle clear of any low vibes it might be picking up out in the wider world.

The more zen you can be when you are driving, the safer you and your passengers will be as well. Sanctify goes a long way towards helping you with that.

I once had a client who owned three cars which weren't running. She told me that it was a matter of a battery on one, I think a flat tire on another. Simple fixes yet she felt blocked to repair them and was living life without her own means of transportation. I offered to clear the energy of her cars and all I did was spray around the outside of them with the energy clearing spray. Within a couple of days she was driving.

Sanctify Star Solaris Energy Clearing Spray

 Used Items - Antiques, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, and Gifts

Being a huge fan of resale items, shopping yard sales is one of my favorite activities. But what to do when you pick up a perfect wooden end table but it's got ooey gooey weird energy on it? Shoes from a thrift store? Do you REALLY want to walk in the footsteps of someone else? I guess it depends on who they are, but just think about it. You never really know what can hitchhike home with you energetically when you buy used. Sanctify!!!

Sanctify Star Solaris Energy Clearing Spray

I created this product for myself.

Now I'm sharing it with YOU 🙂

Hurry and get your bottle!

IF you are local... Send me a message and I will happily deliver to you! Or if you live elsewhere, I'll ship it out asap with a little thank you note!

Lots of Love and Blessings to you! 🙂


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