Past Lives & Time Between

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This session combines two powerful healing approaches. Hypnotherapy and Reiki working in synergy bring you higher levels of healing and empowerment. 

Jen Agosta MD, CHT (Hypnotherapist) uses voice guided transformation work to explore realms beyond time for deep personal healing as you journey through past lives and time between in this 2 hour session.

Star Solaris assists in facilitating and enhancing your healing by moderating and transforming energies as they present and release during your session. 

  • Discover key links and major threads that connect soul themes and lessons
  • Remember your Soul mission and purpose
  • Recover forgotten wisdom
  • Clarify intention
  • Release what you've grown beyond
  • Receive your Personal Key to Sacred Space

When to Choose this Session

  • Feeling like triggers, reactions, and fears can't be explained from current life experiences
  • Readiness to identify recurring soul challenges carried through time
  • Desiring deeper clarity for future direction
  • Seeking direct guidance from your Soul Council regarding your life lessons and mission
  • Simply wanting a stronger connection to your spiritual self 

Recommendations for your Session and Preparation

  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing
  • Make sure you are well hydrated 
  • Bring something to record your session
  • Bring water (maybe a light snack for after to help you ground)
  • Eat light 24 hours before 
  • Allow yourself time and space following session for self care and integration (preferably rest of day)
  • Give yourself permission to relax your conscious mind and experience clearing all that is ready to be cleared

Sessions are available Thursdays & Fridays at Full Circle Health Center by appointment only. Cash or card is accepted at time of appointment.

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