Star Solaris Spiritual Mentorship Training

This program is designed to radically expand your awareness and level of understanding of spiritual energy work.

Advanced Level Energy Work will be introduced. Because I work so closely with my Apprentices, I only accept five at at time. Currently I have three spots available.

You do not have to live locally to receive the Mentorship training.

Each Level consists of:

Extensive Video Instruction

Personal Energy Exercises & Meditations

Regular Messages and Coaching from your Guides

Milestones in Your Development

Weekly Personal Email/Phone Support

The ultimate goal of this training is to become the most effective healer, lightworker, and spiritual worker as you can possibly be. To be of service to humanity at the highest level possible. In order to do so, you must make every effort to live with integrity in every moment of your life. Not only in your actions, but in your thoughts and feelings as well. The work must come from a heart centered place, not an ego centered place.

If you work with energy healing modalities, or have a desire to do so, this program will take you to the level of expert by clearly defining for you the energies you will be encountering in your work and the proper approach in relating to them.


Level I ~ Energy Clearing & Activating

This mentorship begins with a complete clearing of your personal energy field. You will be activating your energy senses of hearing spirit (clairaudience), seeing energy (clairvoyance), feeling energy (clairsentience) and telepathy (claircognizance). As your senses become active, you will be receiving instruction on how to utilize them.

Comprehensive learning of the chakra system, energy meridians, and the aura will be included in this beginning stage of your apprenticeship.

Clearing your energy field and activating your senses is vital to your capacity to do this work. It will increase your energy vibration and undoubtedly have dramatic impacts on your personal life. This is not a commitment to take lightly. If you feel called to do this work, it will require a high degree of dedication and fortitude.Star Solaris

Level II ~ Light Messenger

The first stage of your apprenticeship involves cultivating your personal ability to communicate with your Guides as well as the Guides of others. It will also introduce to you how to approach communication with spirits in the lower vibrations so that you can learn to recognize the energy differences between those of the higher levels and those of the lower.

Star Solaris Mentorship

Level III ~ Light Bringer

Once you have skillfully achieved a level of understanding on how to communicate with the Guides, you will be led into the phase of becoming a Light Bringer. This involves learning how to bring high vibrational healing and blessing energy on a macro level. By doing so, you will begin to increase your personal light quotient preparing you for the next level.


Level IV ~ Light Protector

This can be a challenging level of training since it deals with those negative forces existent in the energy world. Your work cannot be comprehensively executed without a solid understanding of and ability to clear these energies as they present. Also, you will learn that as an energy worker your healing responsibility extends not only to those energy bodies that have a physical form but also to those which do not, to include earth bound spirits (otherwise known as ghosts). You will learn how to communicate with and to cross over spirits which are lost or stuck here in this world. You will also learn how to identify and release spirits which have 'attached' to people along with negative entities.

Star Solaris Reiki Healing

Level V~ Light Healer

Having your personal energy clear (and keeping it clear), knowing how to bring light energy into a space, relating to and receiving messages from the Guides, and assuming responsibility for removing attachments and entities is absolutely necessary in order to be a true and effective energy healer. At this stage you will learn the intricacies involved in doing just that.

This is a Five Month Apprenticeship. You will be receiving mailed certification upon completion.

The Fee for this program is $1,100. You can pay in full or in five monthly installments.

Five monthly installments of $220

Pay in Full $1,100