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Our Country Needs Healing Right Now... Like, REALLY BAD

Being that I am a healer, I think it my duty to go ahead and step bravely out into the world so that I can do my part.

If that means getting into my car and traveling across the country trusting that my Higher Self and Guides will lead me where to go through synchronicity, then that is what I will do!

Commence Mission!

It begins at Indigo Mermaid in Las Cruces, NM where the amazing Verna will be hosting Star Solaris for the launch event Saturday July 7th at 5:55 p.m. (buy your tickets here 🙂 )

I plan to be offering a new spin on an event of mine titled

"The Language of Energy" where I will be sharing:

  • My Story on How I became a Healer
  • What's going on in the energy world and how it's affecting you emotionally & mentally
  • What your Angels & Guides want you to know right now
  • What your Loved Ones on the Other Side want you to know
  • How to Speak the Language of Energy to Repair & Empower Yourself (and others!)
  • Interactive Energy Exercises
  • Group Healing
  • Questions & Answers
  • Get Your Tickets on Ticketstorm

Next Stop... Harrah Oklahoma!

Tuesday July 10th at 8:00 p.m.

Purchase Tickets Here 🙂

Next Stop after That.... I dunno!

I'm figuring it out as I go. It's hard being a Human and a Celestial Space Time Healer & Messenger at the same time!

Thankfully I have a new Manager who you can contact if I'm too far out in the cosmos to get a grab on!

Her contact info is:

Suzen Dopson


You can also call or email myself at:

Phone: 575-567-5635 (text works really good for me because I rarely answer my phone)


Ultimate Destination (Drum Roll Please!)

The Sirius Rising Festival in NY state! Not to work, but to attend, yay!

I plan to meet with my Powerful Healer Soul Tribe and experience some amazing spiritual self development (as if daily life isn't enough right?).

My goal is to keep you posted along the way as best as I possibly can. It's tough to carve out time to blog (plus the muses are fickle) so it will likely be on my Social media Instagram (which I am STILL trying to overcome my block on using regularly) and my Star Solaris Facebeook Page and my YouTube channel. Whichever one I feel drawn to share on in any given moment I suppose.

Please check out my stuff and give positive feedback so I'll be encouraged to keep doing it lol. Love You!

Interested in Hosting Star Solaris?

Host Star Solaris as she tours America!

Choose from the options below. 😊

The Language of Energy

- Learn the language of Energy

- Receive messages from your Angels, Guides, and Loved ones on the other side

- Learn how to connect to your Guides and give them permission to assist you in your life

- Questions and Answers

Advanced Healing Workshop

- The importance of energy disposal

- How to create and keep strong sacred space

- Learn how to identify and clear energetic attachments: entities, earth bounds spirits (ghosts), and interdimensionals

- Learn the language of energy and how to see it

- Chakra repair and meridian clearing

- Questions and Answers

Healings by Donation

Star Solaris will offer healings for anyone who has need or desire.

Aura Readings by Donation

Star Solaris will be offering Aura readings and messages from loved ones on the other side and/or the Divine Guides in the Querents life.

Short Version Bio

Star Solaris is a Prominent Multinational Medium, Channel, and Reiki Master Healer who has a message to share!

Having the ability to see energy and communicate with spirit Guides and Loved ones on the other side, she has been divinely educated on how to provide you with the messages and healing you need most for your greatest and highest good.

She has developed a method of healing that involves your participation to empower and activate you in your higher potential.

Her life is devoted to her path of sharing the hard earned wisdom she has gained through her lifelong journey.

Read full Bio Here 🙂

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