Empowered Self Package

Star Solaris Reiki Spiritual Energy Chakra Aura Healing

Ready to Step into your Empowerment?

This package is designed to deliver you exactly that, which includes:

- Master Comprehensive Healing Session

- Intuitive Life Path Reading

- Relationship Recovery

Often our energy becomes depleted by past relationships and weighed down by the energy of past partners we absorbed over the course of time we spent with them. Because energy is not affected by time or distance, you may still be carrying a lot of old dis-empowering energy. I've developed an approach for you to reclaim your energy from those relationships which have disempowered you so that you may have your personal energy available once again to be in your full empowerment.

- Three Energy Tune Ups *distance astral sessions*

To purchase, make your payment via the PayPal button and contact me at 575-567-5635 or starsolaris1122@gmail.com to schedule your first appointment.

Package Clients have priority scheduling so I will get you on my calendar asap 🙂


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