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This session is designed to comprehensively clear your energy of all that it is at readiness to clear, and to activate and upgrade your energy as much as it is at readiness to do so for your greatest and your highest good.

During the session I will set intention to invite in your Angels & Guides of the Highest Vibration of Love and Healing to assist me as I work closely with your Higher Self to achieve the following:

~ Clear away any attachments, entities, or energetic parasites which may be in or around your energy field

~ Clear your energy of any outside energy which may be present in your energy field which is not serving your greatest and highest

~ Call home your personal energy that may be out in the world in different people, places, situations, etc

~ Repair and upgrade to your innermost and outermost layers of your energy field and shielding

~ Clearing of all toxic energetic cords from current or past relationships

~ Deep intensive clearing, repairing, upgrading, and balancing of each of your seven main chakras as needed

~ Clearing of the energetic meridians which run down the arms, legs, and between the chakra centers

~ Any additional healing as indicated by your Divine Healing Team and Higher ` Self

When to Choose the Star Solaris Distance Intensive Astral Session

  • Feeling that you are overwhelmed by negative energy
  • Feeling that you are in need of intensive healing work
  • Emotional Distress
  • Feeling that you need clearing of Entities or Negative Attachments
  • Fear, Anxiety, or Anger
  • Confusion or Lack of Mental Focus
  • Fatigue or Lack of Motivation
  • Insecurity or Jealousy
  • Struggling with Challenging Relationships
  • Major transition or Life Changes
  • Recovering from Abuse or Emotional Trauma
  • Feeling as if you aren't living in your full energetic potential
  • Desire to be more attuned to your innate spiritual awareness and abilities

This is also a good session to choose if you feel that you would like to upgrade your energetic field to keep up with your evolving self.

If you are a major introvert and feel awkward speaking on the phone with me but still desire some healing work, here is a chance to get it without having to have a personal interaction. 🙂

The degree of healing that takes place will depend on your degree of readiness to release that which is no longer serving you and is causing you emotional/physical distress.

To schedule, make your donation using the PayPal donate button and choose Distance Intensive Astral Session on the Scheduler to request a time.

Important Reminders

Expect to feel tired following the session, so you may want to plan your day accordingly.

Please refrain from eating meat the day of your session as it slows down your energy functioning (it takes a lot of energy to digest meat).

Make sure that you are well hydrated to get the most out of your session.

Get yourself some sea salt or epsom salt and take a salt bath following your session (or during if you like). The salt will assist in clearing away the energetic residue that is cleared during your session and will also help your physical body as it detoxifies. Make sure to rinse off with clean water after your salt bath.

If you cannot take a salt bath, a foot soak is the next best alternative. If you cannot give yourself a salt foot soak, then wash your hands and soles of your feet with salt (give yourself a good salt scrub to your hands and feet chakras).

You might experience what healers call a 'release' of emotional energy following the session. Because of this, give yourself what I like to call a '48 hour free pass' for any emotional process that might come up for you. Know that it is old emotional energy clearing out and that you will feel a sense of liberation once it has released. This does not happen for everyone, but should it happen for you, know that it is normal and be gentle on yourself.

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