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Reiki Chakra Healing  $55

Reclaim and rejuvenate your personal power and energy! In this Reiki chakra healing session you will experience each of your chakras as you journey through a series of guided meditations providing you with the opportunity to remove personal blocks and baggage. Emotional wounds are comfortably and easily released, returning you to a place of balance and peace of mind. Your personal energy is retrieved and outside energy is removed from your aura.


Star Solaris Healing Sessions
Reiki Chakra Activation $75 

This 90 minute energy healing session is designed to provide you with energy clearing as well as activation. If you have been on a healing path and working towards spiritual growth, your guides will provide for you the opportunity to upgrade and activate your energy centers. In addition to the Reiki Chakra Healing, you will receive:

  • Energy meridian clearing and hand chakra activation
  • The front and back of each chakra is cleared, balanced, and activated
  • Meet your spirit animal and receive it's gift
 star solaris reiki training
Reiki Master Comprehensive Healing $111

For those who are on their spiritual journey, this powerful 120 minute session will release and heal deep emotional wounds and traumas in addition to the Star Solaris Chakra Healing, Balancing and Energy Meridian Activation. Your guides will be revealing to you the areas of your energy which are ready to be upgraded.

  • Each chakra is comprehensively cleared of all energy wounds which are ready to be released and healed
  • Meet with your Spirit Guide and receive from them messages that you most need for your growth and development
star solaris intuitive reading
Intuitive Life Path Reading $55

Examine every aspect of your life, from relationships, to finances, to health, to spiritual growth. All messages are from your higher self and Guides for your greatest and Highest Good.


There are a couple different ways you can schedule an appointment 🙂

1. Here on my website I have a scheduler that is linked to my personal calendar. You don't have to pay online to schedule. It will show you the time slots that are available for you to request. Gotta love technology!

Just click on the service or go to the 'book appointment' page. It will send me an email for the time you requested and it automatically goes in my calendar. Viola! So convenient I love it!

2. You can give me a call or even text if you want (I'm very much a texter!) 575-567-5635

Because my schedule has been so full, I am no longer accepting walk-ins.

Looking forward to meeting you!

*For those of you who are not locally available, all services and readings can be provided at a distance. Use the PayPal to purchase and  schedule an appointment. Healings and Readings will be done over the phone. 🙂